Zereth Mortis: One Week In

hey @Humanbreak, not to change the subject too much, but do you think MoP-era crafted “gladiator” pieces will still sell good next time Mage Tower rolls around? Or is it better to just keep stockpiling consumables?

It occurred to me that I had an old WoD-era alt that has Mists tailoring leveled up, but if the gear won’t sell good a second time then seems like a waste of time versus just stockpiling more potions/consumables/etc

Anyways, as for the OP topic I think the zone is in serious need of more content/WQs (especially).

A measly 2-3 WQs just isn’t enough, for a zone this size we need more of them plus more variety. I imagine they could “touch up” the zone with a bit of polish in 9.2.5

I love the zone, too, but I really wish they would fix the hunter pet and companion movement bug that also exists in the maw. When you first zone in, everything is fine, but as soon as you transport from one hub to another it shows up.

The Jailer’s Secret Mythic Phase:

He dominates Pocopoc and turns him against us, forcing us to destroy the little bot.

then… do not do it? you do not have to do it

ZM needs what we had in ice crown for the pre patch event

The rares need a warning or a period of invulnerability

I only make it to roughly 25% of the rares before they’re dead :sob:


I’ve definitely been thinking that treasures are much less common here compared to whatever that not-quite-the-Maw place was we just left.

I sold exactly 0 pieces after people figured out TBC gear with a level 45 alt was better.

I don’t, tyvm. I have absolutely no reason to play, which is my point.

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So TBC greens are better? That’s unfortunate.

I think I blew like 80k+ gold just on buying a bunch of crafted MoP blue gladiator gear for one of my alts. I only did surface-level Google search and all the “mainstream”/popular guides (wowhead, icy veins, etc) were saying to go buy crafted MoP gear off the auction house, rip :-1:

Ah well, live and learn…

Great post, Humanbeak, I agree 100%.
It’s trivial and very personal, but I miss a little cozy nook where to let Goodberry sleep. Korthia has one. Or a tent toy?
About WQs, I don’t want to spoil.

I love the water! :slight_smile:


TBC dungeons to be more exact. Chromie time alt gearing is killer.

I run into a fair number of chests. More would be better, though, especially since the puzzles and chests don’t give a ton of cyphers individually.

It feels a little weird right now IMO. You can go into areas where three chests will be within your minimap, and then other places are barren for quite a distance.

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The rares are fine except the Wasp Feasting with its adds on top of it. That one took out 4 of us.

Vexis though, I can tank solo

:dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean:

I’ve been doing everything every day on 2 characters.

Which has been a lot of running around!

Tuesday, though, my crafter alt will hit Honored, which is all I’m concerned with on him. So then I’ll shift to just doing my main, which will cut my ZM time in half. Good thing, too, since Season 3 starts tomorrow.

I think the world quests are fine at 2-3, what they need IMO is a brand new activity like a mage tower esc thing. Something totally different to WQ and rares we can mess around with

That would be nice…especially once we all have flying in a few weeks…hell maybe even a set rotation like they did in the pre expansion event

Please don’t buff the health. I barely see people around killing them.

Give us better ways to farm cyphers. Have all the chests up. Let mobs give % to weekly.

Blizzard stop listening to my feedback I can’t take this anymore I’m not used to it and am about to melt!

At a minimum they need more variety. It feels like we are getting 2 or 3 out of a pool of maybe 10.

It is rng at the end of the day, but there has been quite a bit of repetition for it only being 7 days.

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