Zereth Mortis: One Week In

I’ve been doing everything every day on 2 characters.

Which has been a lot of running around!

Tuesday, though, my crafter alt will hit Honored, which is all I’m concerned with on him. So then I’ll shift to just doing my main, which will cut my ZM time in half. Good thing, too, since Season 3 starts tomorrow.

I think the world quests are fine at 2-3, what they need IMO is a brand new activity like a mage tower esc thing. Something totally different to WQ and rares we can mess around with

That would be nice…especially once we all have flying in a few weeks…hell maybe even a set rotation like they did in the pre expansion event

Please don’t buff the health. I barely see people around killing them.

Give us better ways to farm cyphers. Have all the chests up. Let mobs give % to weekly.

Blizzard stop listening to my feedback I can’t take this anymore I’m not used to it and am about to melt!

At a minimum they need more variety. It feels like we are getting 2 or 3 out of a pool of maybe 10.

It is rng at the end of the day, but there has been quite a bit of repetition for it only being 7 days.

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