Zereth Mortis Flying Available March 15

well unlike you two hordies, i was paying attention to the PTR, they was originally gonna put a real grind behind it, but they chose not to, so boo hoo and zugzug to the both of you.


this change is…not as great as people are making it.
should get tokens regardless of getting gear or not rip

does a happy dance

I am personally excited for flying. I don’t mind being on the ground for a few weeks to really get a feel for the new zone and explore. I might be odd in that aspect though.

I selected one char to focus on to do the unlock. All ready for tomorrow. THEN I can do all the alts once I get flying. It is going to be very nice to just get the starter gear there for my new 60s.

SO glad this is not a multi month thing.

Now, can we have flying in Korthia and the Maw?

I might even do the Maw if we can fly in it. That is why I have been avoiding that content most of the expansion, or doing only the minimum I have to do.


I’ve crafted 0 pets and 1 mount and I’ve been at the zone 3-4 hours a day since start.

As if any normal person will have nothing left to do in zone, that’s laughable :slight_smile:


already unlocked flying this expansion, why am I doing it again


view my profile. i am missing more pets than mounts because i was focused on the mounts more. i have every item needed except for the 1 that will be released tomorrow. just need to farm more genesis motes. i have 17 of the 24 mounts. if genesis motes were such a pain to farm i would be 100% done of the zone until final quests tomorrow. and i only play 8-10 hours a week. i just dont dilly dally. i get stuff done.

LOL attack of the copium sipping Blizzard fans. Watered down content and once again placing flying on a hook isn’t fun but whatever you can justify wasting time on NON-content.


Should have been there day one as we already did your ransom list aka chore finder


Thanks, I am ready!

Many of you folks remind me of a joke.

In a train, a passenger complains endlessy: “Oh how hungry I am, oh how hungry I am, oh how hungry I am.”
At first station, another passenger buys a few sandwiches and offers them to the hungry one, who greedily devours all of them.
Then he starts again complaining: “Oh, how hungry I was, oh how hungry I was, oh how hungry I was.”


Sorry, but I have played both FF14 and GW2 for years. The jumping puzzles there suck just as the ones here, with the difference I had no grappling hook there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the thing about this unlock. It just seems spiteful and deliberately gated behind a MAU metric.

People understood (many didn’t LIKE, but understood) when there was no flying in Argus. At least we could upgrade our flight whistle to take us to a teleport pad (why our flight whistle is gone is another question, BTW).

But ZM seems deliberately obtuse and clunky to make flying so much more convenient that we’ll jump through your hoops to get it.

How long and how many people have to stop jumping before you make the game fun instead of laborious for MAU?

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Oh. I thought the only requirement was to do the campaign.

I mean I’ve probably passively done all the others anyway. Other than “Tales of Exile” which probably takes 5 mins. The extra requirements just sort of feel like you’re struggling to let go of arbitrary systems.

It’s a circle. So yeah, it is obtuse, but only in that manner.

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Flying probally should have been unlocked on day 1. this war against flying when you sell flying mounts for real money is absurd.


This is the easiest flight unlock since it could just be bought off a vendor, and this version is explicitly superior to it being on a vendor. What exactly are you crying about?

Clunky and obtuse? I got it by accident, minus one exile note, before I even checked the achieve to see what the requirements were. Not sure what you are going on about, “clunky and obtuse”. This is just more proof people will complain about literally anything and everything in existence.

Unless you are talking about the zone design, which can be navigated in its near entirety with Door of Shadows, so even that isn’t a valid complaint. There is no cost or penalty to switch convs, so you can go Venthyr whenever you go in ZM, if you so desire. Takes 10 seconds to switch, if that.

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What are YOU talking about? We already unlocked flying in Shadowlands, this is unlocking it AGAIN. It’s ridiculous, it’s always been ridiculous. It should be MoP style each xpac. No flying during leveling, you buy it at max level for a normal amount of gold, like 5k. Done. Everyone’s happy.


Sorry you don’t like it, but I’m appreciative of the fact that the system as implemented kept the price of the new herbs/ores /prog ess somewhat stable and greatly slowed their price decline.

Ore and flowers will quickly become near worthless tomorrow, personally I’m glad we had a couple weeks of them remaining valuable.

As a side note, this isn’t Shadowlands, this is Zereth Mortis. Also, in MoP, we never got to unlock flying on the Timeless Isle, even to this day, so I’m not sure why you are trying to say that was a better system. Unless you are secretly saying that not being able to fly in ZM would be better?

We already still can’t fly in the Maw and Korthia, and adding yet another tiny zone full of rares with no flying would also suck.

Also, did you just say that ZM isn’t part of SL? Argument over I think.

I also don’t care about your herbing money, and neither does anyone else.

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