ZC is a dead zone, thanks Blizzard

This is now on my shard, during peak: https://imgur.com/a/kRMdGBT

Today I done my 14 kills on Karokta, was in multiple shards during the day, on a Sunday, where they all looked like this, all or most rares and event were up and no one to help do them.

I logged into an alt, Karokta was up, listed a group and zip, not even a single person joined the group.

Not only is there no one wanting to do rares because we can’t more than once per 4 days, you have a rare that drops a mount that historically would garner enough people within minutes to fill a raid, but nothing.

People are giving up even on the mount farming because not only because you can do your kills once per 3 days (1 day when it does not spawn) and that means you can spread your kills over the 3 days it is up, but also because the drop rate is utter garbage.

Every day it was up 14 times I would join or list a group, get 10+ people every time, some groups 30+, other people in the mount discords doing upwards of 60+ alts a day in raid sized groups, before the change I seen the mount once, after the change, I have seen it once.

Since it is coming to the point where people are starting to hit renown 20 and getting all their stuff done, the place is just getting more and more empty, and in the middle of peak play time, yeh not fun Blizzard.

This change needs to be reverted, because like myself there are many players who are not just rushing all the rares and events down there, I still have many manuscripts to farm, I still have pets, transmogs, achievements, and worse is since there is almost no one down there now, when the researchers event starts you can no longer find anyone to help you, so getting those achievements done, or for those still trying, getting the mount is turning out to be nigh on impossible some days.



this isn’t why people aren’t doing rares - I didn’t even know about that restriction. I just don’t find them worth my time and they aren’t fun game play anyway.


Yup. Still not really sure what Blizz expected people to do in the cavern other than kill rares.

Nothing else is really rewarding enough to get people to stay in there


I would do world quests but they basically made the renown/rep useless to get there so not much point other than the one weekly quest.


There’s no reason to. What do I get from rares? Some useless crests and flightstones? I’m already getting my stones and actual useful crests from M+ and Raiding.


Untill Shadowflame sparks and/or splinters can be farmed out of the rares of the cavern (no time restriction) the zone will be very much dead.


I enjoyed the structure of the rares on the reach more so than caverns. Honestly, I messed around in the caverns a little the first two weeks and then pretty much stopped going down there since.

I enjoyed farming BoA gear tokens for alts and upgrade materials. I enjoyed being able to do tours around the entire isle repeatedly while I was in work meetings and could just farm rares.

Caverns doesn’t have that appeal to me. Honestly, WQ in general don’t have any appeal to me this expansion. There’s no incentive outside of rep to do them, and I couldn’t care less about rep.


Pretty much me… I went in on my character that I’ve done things first… did some of the campaign, quests, a few digs and didn’t bother with rares because I’m over that type of gameplay loop.

Honestly, I’ve been ignoring ZCaverns and when I went back, to check something, I noticed people begging trade chat to join their rare hunting group :frowning_face:

Zereth Mortis was pretty dead I’d say a month into it perhaps with the usual collectors doing their thing (on the servers I’m on)… ZCaverns is just dead a few weeks in or so. (on the servers I’m on… other full pop people probably still see activity.)

The place is a dud IMHO.


Just did the researchers event in ZC on an early sunday morning. There were a ton of people there.

At least there were some people doing the rares before, now it’s just dead dead, full shards all day.


I think Forbidden reach was too good of a catch up that it invalidated ZC.

ZC rares are very useless compared to FR rares. ZC also doesn’t provide any progression system like Zereth Mortis Cypher. The events are also bugged, or are badly announced. The group/raid world quests don’t seem to give anything useful. The world bosses loot seems bugged.


Not entirely, ZC gave up to 395, but ZC stuff can be upgraded to 411 easily, some can be upgraded to 424, and if you are lucky, you can get some 437 gear.

Like all RNG outdoor gear it drops a higher iLVL the better your own gear is, so if you keep going and upgrading you can get gear in the next upgrade bracket and push yourself to 424 quite easily just farming rares and doing WQ’s.


zone is dead because it sucks and is just forbidden reach again. So over these zones. WoW has really went downhill.


The only way you’re upgrading open world ZC gear passed the 424 cap is with Wyrm shadowflame crests. Open world players cannot access these types of crests unless they pass on vault gear (assuming they at least do LFR since it’s unlikely they would do M+ or rated pvp) and buy one off the vendor…once a week.


While that part is true, you can still get gear at champion level just from being down there in the open world, so even if you have mostly good gear you can still get lucky and find that odd piece you can equip that is an upgrade.

Champion gear caps out at 424 without Wyrm shadowflame crests. That’s my point.


Yes but my point is that the gear still drops.

So for someone like myself who runs M+ and raids, but is still missing a champion wrist and trinkets, because M+ and raid is not being nice, I can still farm rares and do WQ’s and have a chance to get that missing piece, another source of gear for me.

But sadly when you go down and see every rare up all the time, I can’t, it just takes too long.


I went down to the caverns, did the questline through the chapters where Sarkareth runs into Aberrus, did a few dailies, then never went back. I was going to… but then I learned I can’t even do the rest of the questline, because I haven’t killed Sarkareth. :upside_down_face: