Zandalari Still not Nerfed

If you can’t damage the Zandalari to cancel the racial then something’s wrong.


I’m not. I’ve tested these racials on the PTR, I know how they work.

No it is not. Trust me, I’ve tested the Zandalari, the first tick is not instant.

Luckily, you can :slight_smile:


I know it is,but if a player can’t manage to hit the target to cancel the racial then something is wrong. With the player. It’s an entirely “git gud” problem. Should have worded it differently.


I mean…this really isn’t an argument since it was nerfed and the pvpers promptly went back to horde for their racials. So not only were raiders gravitating horde, so were pvpers.


Ah. I see.

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While I do agree that zroll racials are currently OP, Embrace of Bwonsamdi isn’t that far off from the undead Touch of the Grave (Your attacks and damaging spells have a chance to drain the target, dealing [max(Attack power * 1.25, Spell power) * 0.25 * 1 * (1 + Versatility)] Shadow damage and healing you for the same amount) or the Void Elf Entropic Embrace (Your abilities have a chance to empower you with the essence of the Void. Increases damage and healing by 5% for 12 sec).

Regeneratn will be useless in pve, except during down time between kills, because you are pretty much always taking damage. So it will be interrupted immediately.

As for pvp, there are plenty of counter to make sure more than 1 or 2 ticks don’t go off. What got stunned? Break and damage/dot. They vanish? Take the time to heal yourself. They bubble? Take the time to heal yourself.

It 4-6 seconds that they can’t do anything but channel the spell.

On top of that, why are you always fighting them alone? In most bgs and arenas you have team members with you. They can hit them while you are stunned.

The argument is basically a 1v1 duel they would have an advantage, and the entire racial should not be balanced around a 1v1 duel.


You kidding the rest suck. Gilde should not be no cd. The loa have to go to them and on a 5 day cd. The regeneration is so serevrly restricted it not funny. One tick ends it. Need to go on test and see it terrible.
Now the human ones. Those are very op. A constant heal for doing nothing. A huge nock back. A very strong none interrupt dm. To name a few.


Wow absolutely useless for healing.

Besides, Zandalari racials were terrible to begin with. Now that they’re nerfed they’re borderline useless, especially given Embrace has a 5 day CD between swapping.


WoW’s player base nowadays do NOT know how to interrupt. I’d be surprised if 1/3rd of the players have an interrupt on their bars.

It’s sad they have to nerf racials because of inept, incompetent and totally delusional people.


I can see why you think regeneratin’ is OP.
-No arena or BG experience.
-2/9 H BoD.
-Highest key is a +9 FH, the other one is AD that went overtime for more than 1 hr.
Pretty sure that 6 second “do nothing and heal to full” and whatever loa gift you chose will get you AoTC, weekly +10s and glad.


Yeah it reasons why I do not do dungeons as tank anymore. time walker is brutal if some not cc.

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Yet they can come up with these intricate scenarios as to why they can’t interrupt it.

“Yeah but what about when all my breaks are on CD and their a rogue and they vanish, then sap me, then run away to the other side of the map, use regeneratn, and then restealth and kill me while I’m stunned huh?!? Nerf it!!”


Zandalari master race! Anyway its easy to interrupt in pvp. Pve you will be lucky to do that in a raid when you need it vs tge dranei which is free and you can do other things while its going on. I see it good for paladins and rogues mostly.

And sadly it’s not even that great for Paladins, since they can already self heal through FoL.

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Oh, I’d gladly have to stand still and have it interruptible if it gave a full heal. :slight_smile:


But in that case if you get lucky, you’ll get 16% which is less than the 20% Gift of the Naaru.

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But an entire racial shouldn’t break them either. You could argue at EMFH isn’t broken in a team fight cause you should have multiple stuns.

But it breaks 1v1’s

But they nerfed that

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Good thing it has half the cooldown then

I still think it will be CONSIDERABLY stronger than any other racial in the game, but honestly at this point I’m intrigued.
I worry it will backfire in some colossal way, but I’m interested in seeing that happen before I worry too much about it.

Maybe there is some actual reason they want this to happen, but for now my mind is open to it.
Frankly, I wish all racials had this clear of an upside.
So many of the old ones feel so useless you forget that Trolls even HAD that slow reduction racial until you see people abusing it.