You're Welcome Anti-Tankers

I just looked at your post history to get an idea of what I’d be replying to and a ton of what I see is either nerdrage, bandwagoning, or nerdrage bandwagoning mixed in with bigotry.

Bro, you really need to log off and delete this place from your bookmarks. Why do you constantly participate in something that’s obviously making your miserable?

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I mostly reply to people like you with bad takes and support people with good takes.

Could you do that before raids and M+ were released?

Tank tuning looks fine to me. It’s a light hand, except druid ramp nerf is fairly significant. But guardian is also hideously frustrating to play against and has been for like 5 months because they DPS like an afflock and can keep like 95% uptime on CC immunity.

its a pvp nerf, you’ll live.

No it’s not…
It’s PvE noobcakes.

Also…After reading the replies I come to the conclusion that People are gullible to believe nerfs to Tanks is GOOD for PvE. Why would it be good for the Tank in YOUR GROUP to be nerfed? HAHA

I rest my case.

Ah yes, because Blizzard doesn’t have their own employees and game developers. They’re being run by the GD and the thread with the most likes on a given day is directly inserted into the game in a matter of seconds.


Tanks were stupidly out of line. -10% DR won’t really change that.

Source: I play tanks.

On that note. Blizz you still need to nerf about 10-20% more.

Buff healers…how? Their damage? Tanks were already extremely easy to heal.

Tanks were doing higher dps than dps, so they got nerfed. Tank here is butthurt.

They aren’t nerfing tank damage…


Still 10% :flushed:

Arguing with Stupid People is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are at chess, the pigeon will knock over the pieces, sh^t on the board and strut around like it has won.

Move along Kiddie.

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this is forums, im allowed to linger where ever i please.

even in this messy place.

Was doing a mythic boss and we all died but the DH tank and at 15% he solo’d it. I got lootz so was happy.


I still haven’t had one tank explain to me why it’s acceptable for a pre-heroic dungeon geared tank to be able to solo a m0 boss from 60% to 0% without ever dipping under 60% health, which is what happened last week in one of my learning runs.

Tanks can’t have insane self heals and good damage. You want everything. At that point, why even have DPS specs or healers?


Video of a BM doing this please.

The issue is blanket nerfing tanks damage taken. This shows either a lack of critical consideration regarding each tanks strengths/weaknesses or its just straight up lazy (which I really hope isn’t the case).

My sincerest apologies when you said “Video of a BM doing this please” My first thought was, what does a Beast Master hunter have to do… oh BrewMasters… right I can count on two hands the amount of monk tanks I’ve ever had tank, sorta forgot they exist.