Your first guild

(Keyás) #1

hello WrA!

while i was doing TW yesterday, i was hit by a blast from the past; since it’s the WotLK event, and i started playing WoW back then, i tried to remember my first run in with the guild system
…turns out, i barely remember my first guild’s name now, it was one helluva word i didn’t know then, and it ended in -less

remorse or relent-something, and it was a raiding guild
on a PvE server

i remember my first guild on WrA better at least, it was light-rp and all about crafting

now my question is: do you remember your first guild? maybe not name-drop but, its theme? was it on another server? what was your first guild on WrA?

lets get sentimental together :smiley:


Oh, no.

My very first guild on this server was a hot mess, but I wouldn’t still be around without it. They were victims of my first foray into Warcraft RP, and just… unbelievably patient with me. I can’t quite remember the name. Leaf House something. Or Tea House something?

Anyway. It was Night Elf heavy. More inclined towards scholars and socialization than Sentinels or fighters. There were a couple Draenei in there, too. Our little headquarters was in the second floor of an empty house in Darnassus.

I applied, to this Night Elf guild, stationed in Darnassus, as a Gilnean human warlock. Who was openly a warlock. Yeet. I’m pretty sure I committed the cardinal sin of parading around my voidwalker at one point, but I have a vague memory of being confronted by some members of a Sentinel guild who explained a bit of the lore to me kindly. I stopped running around with my demons and adapted the character into an academic.

I was with that guild for a while before going Horde. No idea what ended up happening to it. Sorry if a ginger human warlock gave you a headache in Darnassus in Cataclysm. I was like fourteen.

(Ursuola) #3

My first ever guild was a raiding guild that was in Karazhan when I joined. I was a friend of one of the members, but I only got to like…level 20 on that character.

After that I was in several guilds on Moon Guard, which I prefer not to think about, because I was a wangrod in all of them.

(Ellivara) #4

I’ve been in a lot of guilds - honestly, far too many. xD. I don’t even remember my first one. The earliest one I do remember, however… probably isn’t a good one to remember. I was young and they were one of those guilds that took the first sign of disagreement as being argumentative. I was chastised for disagreeing with someone over something petty, they went and complained to the gm well after I forgot and I got yelled at over it.

So I left.

The guild I have the best memories from, however, early on? Probably during the beginning of when I actually started getting serious with RP. I was still terrible - I was a member of a guild called Forsaken Watchers or something like that. I didn’t realize how much drama was going on in the background with the leader until well after things collapsed and fell apart. Which was a shame, really.

(Opherial) #5

I ran an all Forsaken guild in vanilla that had a lot of inner turmoil that was fun on the surface but since most of us were 17-18 a lot of OOC feelings got hurt as the various camps and philosophies collided of “Sylvanas is no good for us and we shouldn’t spread this curse”, “Woo demons!”, “Woo Horde!”, “Why are we teamed up with orcs they just tried to kill us…”, “Man the whole world would be better off off undead.”

Picture every possible outlook and theme and then stuff it all in one guild chat. And again, make everyone at the cusp of adulthood.

A couple of our members ended up getting married IRL though, so that’s always nice. :slight_smile:

(Rakshishi) #6

My first guild was in vanilla, on an RP-PvP server, Alliance side and it was fun and full of good memories. The GM was a RL friend/co-worker who invited me to play and over time we collected a small fun really nice group of people who mostly did battlegrounds and RP. Unfortunately we encountered some drama that tore the guild apart and the GM had some RL issues that cut his play time too far down to really still manage the guild, but it was a blast while it lasted.

(Zenrao) #7


I do not even remember what our purpose was at this point, but I remember most of the people in it fondly. We operated out of a house in Silverpine Forest, and my first ever RP toon, a blood elf rogue, was in it. I joined at the end of the school year and I remember that being one of the best summers in WoW for me ever, to this day.

(Dangerjosh) #8

My first guild took me from Vanilla through BC. I was on Dunemaul, and the guild was < Band of Brothers >. When I joined, BoB was nothing but a social “cattle call” style guild (meaning where you pst for ginvite in Barrens chat). We went from that to the 2nd guild on server in raid progression. I still remember our NYE kill of Vaelstraz in BWL putting us tied with the other progression Horde guild and how excited we all were.

Dunemaul is now merged with 3 other servers and is relatively dead :frowning:

(Bathildis) #9

First guild in WoW was a family guild on Lightbringer during Vanilla. I left to raid, and the GM was not a fan of that.

First RP guild was Shadows of Lordaeron! SoL is awesome! They have some great members and RP. If I weren’t running my own guild blue-side, I’d still be playing with them regularly. I do still have one of my forsaken parked there, but where’s the time for alts these days?

(Laurensa) #10

Ancient Resistance was a raiding guild a bunch of college friends ran, that I joined in lateish vanilla. We had to field pretty much every last member to clear AQ20, and teamed up with another similarly sized guild to do Onyxia, MC, and some hilarious attempts at early BWL.

I think our shared experience of RL drama innoculated us from the in-game variety by and large. Plus you don’t want to upset your drinking buddies in a town where there’s not much else to do.

(Zandrae) #11

Yes. Friends from a mu* and I formed a guild on wow after out little crew of misfits exceeded the size of a party. We could not complete quests in raid but we wanted to talk.

(Altherei) #12

I wish I could remember the name of my first guild, honestly. I don’t remember much about it at all, actually, but it was a pleasant experience! Eternal something something, maybe? Was back in late Wrath when I first started playing, but it was a lovely time. <3 Wherever those folks are, I hope they’re doing well!


My first guild, Eulogy, was back in vanilla WoW on Spinebreaker alliance side. It was an Australian raiding guild started by someone who left the biggest raiding guild at the time, which I believe was Banimal. I kept odd hours so the aussie guild raid times worked out well for me 2am-6am. When Burning Crusade came out I rerolled horde on a newly created server.

(Sarestha) #14

My first guild overall? When I started playing WoW, I joined an irl friend’s PvP guild. They mostly just laughed at me for liking the lore. I don’t have many memories of it xD

My first guild on WRA… I won’t name it, but it started out being really fun, and ended up not so fun. The GM was on a power trip, and used said power to force guilded characters into their way of doing things, some of which was pretty vile stuff. They were also quite verbally abusive, and regularly made a friend of mine get out of voice chat in tears. I ended up leaving after about a year. It’s a mixed experience for me though… because while the guild and the GM weren’t really cool, I made a lot of lifelong friends out of it, people who I still RP with. So… There you go, I guess XD

(Serph) #15

My first guild was Vortex on Sargeras, a pvp guild that mostly spammed invites to people roaming around Teldrassil on launch day. We invaded Orgrimmar sometimes and it was good.

also met my oldest WoW buddy and we still chat now and then today and it’s been good times

(Enrik) #16

My first guild ever was on Horde-side in vanilla. Dark Tribunal on the Silver Hand (RP) server.

I mained a Forsaken Warrior at the time and ended up joining the guild of some guy I met while questing in the Barrens.

We ended up helping to defend Ashenvale from Alliance scum on a night when they raided every single Horde outpost in the game. Simultaneously. The faction balance was 4:1 favoring Alliance, if you can imagine it.

The guild itself was pretty standard: Bunch of teenagers playing the game together and talking smack in gchat. I had a lot of fun with it but I eventually got more heavily involved into RP and left for a more fitting guild.


Pox on Shadow Council. We were a horse terrorist organization.


My first guild was on Thunderlord - a casual guild that went by the name of The BlackJacks. It was my first experience playing with an actual guild, though because of how slow I was with the leveling content I never really got all that far. I was with them for maybe half a year before transferring to Haomarush with a friend of mine, and then transferring to Scarlet Crusade from there to RP.

On Wyrmrest Accord, I started The Earthspear Tribe the day after the server opened for public transfers.

(Ellivara) #19

I used to play on Silver Hand, though it was a-side. Shame the RP on the RP server pretty much… died out. Glad to see someone else from there around here.


My first guild was on Blade’s Edge server back in BC or early Wrath. I was levelling and I was passing by Stromgarde Keep in Arathi when I got a random guild invite. I don’t remember much about it, but I do remember the guild leader and I kept in touch about a year after it died. For some reason we went by letter names. I think she was Z and I was Q?

On WrA, my first guild was Davey Jones Locker. I think I got invited in the same spot so I accepted. They were fantastic, but I left to make my own guild with some friends. But they did a little bit of everything and it was nice. I’d tag along on SoO in MoP from time to time