Your first guild

(Karanga) #21

My first guild was back in Cataclysm, here on Wyrmrest Accord. 'Cause I was a shy bugger that had to be dragged into social interactions by more outgoing friends. XD But it was weird. I was a tauren hunter, and the guild was a more elven military guild, to start off. And then later it turned into a sort of elf house guild, and my tauren became an officer of it later on, so she became a ‘Lady.’ It was, uhh. Quite the trip. I confess I was just a dumb kid that didn’t know anything about role play at the time so how my tauren became the lady of a elf house guild I’ll never understand.

(Zenrao) #22

In the basement of every elven house is a confused tauren doing laundry, unsure of how they got there.

(Zandrae) #23

That’s kind of cool though.

(Feyahni) #24

Oh man. My first guild. That takes me back.

I was on Moon Guard then. That’s the server where I started back in April of 2007. MG had just launched a few months earlier, and it was about midway maybe through Burning Crusade.

I was playing this same actual character. But the toon itself was a male blood elf named Kodoku. I was green to RP, this game, and everything about the two. I was quickly picked up by a guild called Children of Eternity, and my familiarization with RP then truly began.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget that guild. I still remember both the GM and her husband. I think she may play on this server now, though I won’t name names out of respect in case they’d rather not be known. RP and IC/OOC misunderstandings/issues led to me leaving the guild, but I’ve never forgotten them. Once in a blue moon, I wonder how much more smoothly things would go if I could go back to that time with the knowledge and experience I have now. But no matter what, the time I spent in that guild remains a fond memory.


The very first guild I actually joined (that wasn’t a random invite I didn’t understand and thus ended up in a guild before understanding what it was) was an RP guild called Blood Brigade back on Twisting Nether in 2007. A friend of mine was a member, so I joined up.

When that guild dissolved I ended up applying to and getting into The Grim in 2007-ish. Yes, the same The Grim as recently moved to WrA. They were already a few years old at that point, too. That guild’s ancient. Blizzard needs to give them a prize or something.

(Kyi) #26

I was in a guild called Dark Sun for quite some time during vanilla. They were mostly a gang of friends, with some light RP. When I got my own account (previously had my own character on my brother’s acct), I got to switch to Horde and drifted away from my guild. This was during the days when you could only have one faction per server.

I don’t remember a whole lot about those early years of WoW other than a few experiences. The Dwarf fishing by Ironforge, who I asked how to fish and he was quite rude in reply. The Night Elf rogue called Blood something or another, who shared her account with her mother (we were besties but I kind of enjoyed playing with her mom too because she was kind of an inspiration).

(Dangerjosh) #27

Did yall terrorize horses, terrorize while on horseback, or did you RP as horses terrorizing the masses?


I can’t remember the name of the first guild I was in, but it was a social leveling guild on a PvE server. Following its death, my first main guild was a raiding guild that was kind of toxic and nearly caused me to lose interest in the game. There was a free transfer to WrA around that time so here I am, a decade later.

My first RP guild lasted a week and held one meeting. That was followed by a guild I consider my first real home in game. Nothing’s been able to match up to that guild since. Sadly, a lot of us were young and immature so it didn’t last more than 2 years.


Horde. Dammit

(Zenrao) #30

A Horde terrorist organization. Bit redundant, these days.

Thanks, Sylvanas.


This must of been late Vanilla or early TBC. I was alliance on the realm Koristrasz. The guild was called Bad Horde Day and it was the first time I felt I belonged in a community.

I had a Human Rogue named Mettle and was a 39 PvP Twink before I knew what that was. I made my gold dueling other Twinks.

Cut forward to midway TBC I joined Lightninghoof in the RP guild Cult of Nerox Not to be confused with Cult of Luukos I played an undead rogue named Stitchmouth. RIP in Peace Hemo-Mace Sub Rogue.

(Zunde) #32

My first guild was a group of malcontents from Lightninghoof called the Followers of puddlefang.

Guild is long dead. Guild leader blamed me for it because i killed their raid group for most of the end of bc and early wrath and they never really recovered.


I remember that guild.


My very first guild was Incendio back on Silvermoon. They were incredibly tolerant of how much of a noob I was. I have the distinct memory of running Sunken temple with them on my mage while still using glinting longsword, wearing the parachute cloak, goblin rocket boots, deep dive helmet, and a bunch of donated gear from the guild master’s wife when she saw me one day in Booty Bay wearing white quality gear from Westfall drops. I also remember their main raid druid teaching me to tank on my druid. Good times.

My first roleplaying guild was here on Wyrmrest. It was led by a really infamous character who was a very open warlock married to the daughter of the archbishop of Stormwind, who later went on to become Guardian of Tiristfal. I was totally oblivious to the significance of this at the time because I totally new to lore and all. Most of the guild’s plots revolved around harassing death knights, one of whom eventually became a friend of mine OOC who told me how guano-crazy this guy was.

(Nakhu) #35

My first guild was Knights of the Ram on Lightninghoof back in vanilla when I was a dwarf warrior. Met a group of nice people in that guild, but it split and merged and so forth and so on after a couple months so I moved on to Juggernaut, wherin I learned everything I know about PvP. I’d kill 13 dolphins and feed them to puppies to get that guild back together again…


My first guild was one I made with a friend called Black Anchor Pirates. This was on Argent Dawn back when I was a dwarf warrior.

We mostly hung around Booty Bay saying arr a lot

(Kirsy) #37

My first guild was on Llane and it lasted less than 5 minutes. Some teens (if I had to guess) decided to do a leveling guild. I signed the charter. It popped into being. Not 2 minutes in, the teens got in an argument and disbanded.

Then some friends of mine and I decided to make a guild. Our one friend decided the guild name had to be Veni Vidi Viscera (I came, I saw…guts). I wasn’t thrilled with the name, but I made the guild. And our friend promptly didn’t join after insisting on the guild name.

I had that guild from Vanilla until LK. It’s still on Llane - no idea who’s running it.

(Taran) #38

Back in Cata when I first started playing after someone talked me into it, I rolled here on WrA he had told me everyone was chill cause it was an RP sever, at the time I didn’t even have interest in RP or anything. Anyway while I was leveling my Worgen Rogue I ended up accepting on of those random guild invites you get. I don’t remember the name of the guild it is ofc long dead but I remember some of the weirdness from it.

The GM would force us to come to these weekly guild meetings. If we were online and didn’t come we were kicked from the guild. He also had these random “purge moods” he would get into and randomly kick people. Anyway for the Guild Meetings he would make us stand in a straight line as his character passed back in forth while he talked to us in Vent. We had to wear the guild tabard, I couldn’t be in my Worgen Form(Which upset me), we also couldn’t have pets out. (Which also upset me cause I was proud of my Worg Pup I soloed to get)

Even though they knew I wasn’t an RPer I still had to be a part of the I guess the RP aspect of those meetings? Eventually I think the guild died cause I had left it for another and last I checked when I did remember the name it was just the GM and his alts.

(Bruticus) #39

My first guild was Elder Tribunal on Bloodhoof Horde, we were a bunch of EverQuest transplants that wanted to stick together. I left not long after we started Molten Core because my two closest friends (a married couple) quit the game and I didn’t like the Raidlead/GM very much.

My longterm Vanilla/BC guild was Argent Exodus on Steamwheedle Cartel, and we ended up one of the further-progressed PvE guilds even though RP was our focus (until the bleeding-edge guilds moved to SWC to steal the AQ gong). Unfortunately in early BC lack of interest and real life fractured our core membership and the guild drifted apart. We tried again in Cata, but obviously that was a terrible expansion to attempt getting back into the game.

(Quintus) #40

First guild was the only reason I bought the game in the first place. I had just returned from being stationed in Germany about 2 weeks after WoW launched, we had a mountain of snow out and that made it hard to do a lot of the things I had wanted to do while I was at home. An old UO guildmate told me that a bunch of people I played UO with back in 97 had bought WoW and were all playing together. This sounded great to me as I had a lot of fantastic memories with them so I bought the game on a whim. As all stories of this nature, one by one they fell off until I was the only one who remained. The guy who bought the game on a whim because there was too much snow outside.

Wherever you bastards are, Glory to Blackstar.