You will never justify this insanity to me as being fair

Intentional damage? I’d take that case by case but it’s definitely done for an advantage

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Good for him. Glad he found some fun.

Blame bots :man_shrugging:

Looks like the light from the monitors is burning his skin. :rage:

Nope, the software is now a bannable offense. And if you try to get around it with hardware it’s still basically multiboxing and will be a bannable offense. A good example is people using those tippy birds to spam spacebar to afk in a battleground, bannable offense because it’s a form of botting. Even if he does manage to change his method and get around it, it’s still a massive nerf to what he would be doing otherwise

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Fraid not farmer john

This is so cool. Wish I was rich. lol

This is awesome.

The guy has money like me, I salute.

Is it arab money? I’ve heard good things about arab money

Yep like I said, still a MASSIVE nerf to what he would be doing otherwise. He won’t be alt tabbing through 30 different hunters unless he wants to risk using an out of system macro, which again is a bannable offense.

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It’s just an old guy enjoying his retirement.

He won’t need to, he can do the same with hardware, not that big of a nerf. I think it’s more to get casuals out of the practice instead of people like the guy in the OP

Get to at least 1800 in arena before I take you seriously lol

If you make enough money, you can do as you please with that money as well. Amazing, isn’t it!?

A yikes from me.

I see packs of 5 muktiboxers everyday and 5 is unfair. 15-20 is just stupid

The only reason I even have arena achievements is because I’m an achievement collector, I hate pvp.

Never do this, ever :rofl:

A yikes from a non rated in arenas. K?

Yeah, I’m sure you do. Most players with low skill levels do.

Well this got personal fast…

I love a good train wreck, lets see where it goes.

Listen man that high arena rating ain’t gonna make up the small package and abundance of blood clots, get help, you’re making me worry.