"You think you do but you don't" and we'll make sure of it


Never trust a fart.

(Paeldryth) #22

Big server size was the right move for PvE content because it ensures more people to play with.

PvP imbalance is where it fell flat.


You think that BLIZZARD, owned by Activision, would intentionally reduce their income stream?




Never fear a shart!


They thought I didn’t but boy are they wrong again; I am having fun. Of course I was smart enough to roll on a PVE server. I’m also taking my sweet time getting to level cap.

The guy who said it may be in charge now but he was still flat out wrong.


There it is again!


It always has been. Yet in Retail there were limits.

Classic servers can hold MANY more people than Vanilla ever did. A massive population skittering about on zones and maps designed for Vanilla population.

Retail can have the same population size (if they actually had that many people playing ha!), but they have sharding, CRZ, and instant dungeon/bg teleports, so they never come across too many in one zone issue.

It believe it was an oversight that has skewed the original design of faction vs faction.


when there were 8 hour queuse and players where whining about it isnt that what they did?

now they are whining and want faction queues…lmao.

players will always whine.


pretty much.

WoW forums have always consisted of complaining about something for weeks until blizz changes it. Then after a couple of weeks of the change being in place, they complain about how said change ruined the game and they’re unsubbing.

(Thequixote) #30

I think it was there plan. Not the quit part but the retail guild I’m in has a 500+ roster and a month ago we were down to about 15 active players. 25-30 players have suddenly popped in and started playing in the last two week.


More undead rogues.

(And more of everything really, because I think most people are having a lot of fun)


Exactly this…that little weasel didn’t want to wear the stink of Classic being more popular than retail.

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I dont understand how people can honestly believe a company would hire an entire staff team to make a product, only to purposefully kill it and waste all the development time and money on it. Believe it or not, companies have to make money to not die.


Don’t forget layering and rushing out phases.


What money? The game was already created. They enjoyed a win-win, huge windfall of profit from an already produced product, a boost to retail, the smugness of being ‘right’ about Classic…win-win-win.

They don’t have to actively work to kill it, just don’t give it any attention or resources as they have done. Look no further than the launch to see what they think about Classic. Anyone else remember two East PVP servers…I do, and so does Pepperidge Farm.


yall are paranoid af


Well…the servers are bloated to the max, and many players have already quit…so there’s that.


Blame the company for your mistakes. Eh, I guess that’s better than blaming the other players.

Own you mistake and reroll on a Normal realm.


Yep not buying shadowlands cause it will be the same Dumpster fire game play as BFA

I’ll go play BC on priv before i buy that trash.


Correction, we, or at least some of us, know that even when then factions are balanced. The people losing find excuses to not participate.

Hide in the capital cities and not mounting attacks