"You think you do but you don't" and we'll make sure of it


Increase server size at least 4x and let the population imbalances force everyone to quit then we can claim that we were right, what a long term brilliant plan.


What do you believe this corporation would gain from that?

-Undead Rogue


Bait and switch to bring people back to retail and sell an expansion.


You should have rolled PVE but you didnt


You think you wanted to roll on a pvp server but you don’t.


I love PvP more than anyone, but I can’t be the first person telling you about the 10vs2s in the world. If you don’t think 4x server size created a substantial problem you are a troll lol

It's not that the servers are unbalanced

I know you are talking to them but I rolled PvP and love it, killing any one from the overwhelming faction is HUGE. My big gripe is that when we do fight with numbers vs numbers the servers lag. Fix the servers if you are going to cram it full of people.


Well I would hope after 12 years of losing subscriptions blizzard would know Shadowlands is not going to resurrect the franchise. Vanilla has been recreated on pservers for 14 years. If blizzard wants to fumble classic people will just go back to pservers. -Undead Rogue


you’re not the first person.

The problem is the people who your responding to, the “Guess you didn’t want to roll on a pvp server then” don’t care. They enjoy the imbalance, and enjoy antagonizing others. They know there’s an actual issue, but they don’t care and don’t want it fixed.


How is population imbalance not a player created issue?


This exact same thing happened in vanilla. On a lesser scale obviously but back in the day it was a big deal. You might not be used to actual PvP servers and the Warcraft that can happen and your experiences being abruptly distorted due to fellow PLAYERS. I wish blizzard had a warning of what pvp servers are like back then. I do sympathize with the players who arn’t enjoying and didn’t understand that server imbalance and huge honor raids and player griefing were in abundance back then.

-Undead Rogue


Sometimes I think I have gas, but then I dont. Is that what this thread is about?


It aint the servers slappy.


They are too scared that if it was balanced they would get camped. They rolled the overwhelming faction on their pvp server because they don’t want pvp, they just want to say they play on a pvp server so no one makes fun of them.


WHO actually wants server imbalance? That just creates a lack of honor for your faction. Also takes the fun out of the wpvp. Which is why I’m so thankful I picked a sorta balanced server not a 90-10 horde dominated I would be BORED DAWG.

-Undead Rogue


I agree with you, but the people that troll these forums with “PvP happened on a pvp server” and other useless phrases, are the ones whom seem to not care and enjoy the fact the divide is so bad. :woman_shrugging:


Not everyone is interested in a fair fight though. Not everyone wants the iconic 1on1 duel.

Some people just want easy honor, and some people just want to be the bully. And outnumbering the other faction 2:1 or 3:1 is an easy way to achieve both.


This. Fair fights can be found in BGs, Arena, and PvE servers. Open world ganking is inherently unfair. Not everyone cares about dueling or fair fights. Some people actually answer the question of what is best in life with, “To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.”

The difference between Normal and PvP realms is that PvP realms specifically cater to that type of player, and everyone knows it.


If you think its server size you are being ignorant and petty.

At no point in vanilla was any server packed with thousands of players level capped, raid locked and farming honour.

There wasnt a single issue untill honour was released and guess what ? Faction balance was the same then.


I want to share a anecdote from the weekend.

I was on my way to BRD for farming gold (I Bought my mount yesterday!!) land on the FP, stealth and start going, in my quest I saw a warrior in blues pass in a 60% mount, He is dead, the thought come to my mind. In general, some player was asking for a party to cross the bridge and enter the mountain.

My run continues and I saw the warrior dead in the floor, some shammy is eating near, I open and kill him. Keep going, on the bridge I saw the same warrior be ganked by 2 rogues and a Hunter. Damn, it will be hard pass. The group in general formed and I warned them that there where 3 camping bridge.

The group was small, one lock and one warrior, I join the fight and we kill the 3 of them, we lose the lock. Inside a lock and a shamy engage in fight with me and the warrior, I focus the lock and kill him, the shamy got me. At that point I was send to the guardian spirit of thorium. I ghost walk to my body and the same old warrior (not the one from the group) is death at the gate of the mountain. I resu, stealth and go to BRD.

The teaching on all this would be
a) Play a stealth class!
b) Try to at least form groups! Even a small group can do wonders (and its more fun that mindless died and keep running)