"You think you do but you don't" and we'll make sure of it

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Classic was not free to make. It was in development for dang near almost 2 yrs if we assume that the trailer at 2017 blizzcon was the moment they started working on it. They had to deconstruct the entire game as best they could from what they had and rebuild it into a vanilla like state which believe it or not, takes teams of people to do. They are keeping an eye on how classic is doing yet, there’s only so much they can do about things like imbalanced servers, classes, ect because even the slightest change like a kobolds chest hairs being 2 pixels shorter than someone remembers and the entire community goes ballistic. Really its a lose lose for them. No matter what they’ll do there’s still going to be people who’d rather live in a fantasy world where Blizzard wants to dump millions down the toilet than believe they’re actually trying.


I was referring to blizzard actively trying to destroy classic as OP said. I’m enjoying the heck out of this game dawg

-Undead Rogue


Me too! <3


noone who came back only for classic will want to buy their stupid money grab expansion.


I think I’m doing fine tyvm on a rppvp server.


I think I’m going to agree with the OP. There’s things that just don’t make sense. All these new forum posters didn’t post anything until phase two then they come out the wood works demanding server swaps. A lot of them even claiming that “oh, I’ve never played the game before”, even though they have an already made level 60 and supposedly have cleared all the content. gg blizz


But classic is their money grab expansion…


If I could post pictures, I could show how servers were practicality being generated almost every 20 minutes. Boy did they underestimate the interest in classic.


While I do not think it happened in this case, one must understand the concept of a loss leader. Basically, a company makes something that they don’t expect to make much money (or even take a loss on), but it serves to increase their profits overall.

In the case of Classic, one must understand that the primary purpose of Classic is to use as a hammer against pirate servers. You protect the IP, or you lose the IP, and Blizzard isn’t about to lose the WoW IP to pirates claiming abandonware. So Classic is here, and now the vanilla version of the game is supported, so it becomes easier to smite the pirates in court, where the lawyers can have their way with them.

Any money Blizzard makes or people brought back to the game from Classic is bonus points compared to the epic win of protecting the IP.


I’m honestly having no trouble playing with a faction imbalance. Then again I was smart enough to roll on a PvE rule set server.

PS. There’s still PvP in the world if I want it. WD is blasting away.


na since they cant sell us annual expansion.
it would be as if we just continued to play vanilla for X years


You win the internet for the day. Finally, someone who actually gets it and isn’t fooled into thinking Blizzard gives a rip about 15 year old classic. You don’t belong on these forums either…they are going to drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Run!

I’d buy you a cup of coffee if you were in line in front of me :slight_smile:


I’ve identified the problem. You need to be in an equal sized group. Size matters

Did you actually think you could take on a group 5x the size of yours?

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Having a blast on a PVE server. Maybe your problems are self-inflicted.

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Where is the tinfoil hat vendor located?


How is incompetently giving people something they want supposed to convince them to get something they don’t want? Nothing about this seems designed to make people think: “You know what was fun in retail? PvP.”


Yet there are several people saying just that. How they appreciate classic and in playing it realize how much they appreciate the qol that retail brings…

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Apparently that plan is falling very flat.

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Certainly a large part of it. Unfortunately, the Legion backport kind of defeats this (auth 1.12 servers still around).

Blizz also got a good PR boost for doing something players actually wanted, for a change.

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You won’t hear me say anything like that. Retail over QoL’d to the point where you can literally solo the MMO; your class is garbage, everything is on rails and is time gated. There’s no threat in the world, scaling content is rubbish. Loot is all random – they can’t even be bothered to design tier sets anymore. FEH