You think you do but u dont

This is scary how true this has become over the last month… classic wow end game has been the biggest disappoint ever outside of the 2 hour raid log once a week.
AV = afk farm

WSG = watch people melt in MC gear before I can even get a 1.5sec cast off I assume it will get worse with each raid tier.

Honor Grind = the saddest thing ive sever seen not sure how that was even allowed to be put into a game in 2020 forcing people to lose there jobs, family, friends in order to push ranks

End game dungeons = hours of spamming lfg or LF tank

End game farming = market is so over farmed that everything outside of the long black lotus spawn or lucky arcane crystal mine is just pointless, herbs are almost worth nothing so are the bars now.

World Bosses = not sure never seen one and pretty sure I never will with the amount of people who just sit there all day long waiting for it to spawn.

I can now see why wow has progressed the way it has over the years and for this I am sorry blizzard you were right I was wrong…


it “progressed” from wanting to login in vanilla to needing to login in bfa, classic isnt a theme park like retail is you need to make your own fun


AQ turn-ins will make farming great again. Just wait.


I knew I didn’t and I didn’t. It was an interesting nostalgic diversion for a little while. Blizzard should capitalize on that and sell level 60 boosts so the tourists can play the end-game content too.


Roleplay, You don’t have to be the Ub3r1337 pwn god that retail insists you have to be one. This is a MMORPG, and not everyone is the Golfball Darn tooting hero, you are suppose to have crafters, generic soldiers, guards, shopkeeps, etc. The expansions have pushed you into being the Ub3r1337 pwn god but the fact that you and everyone else is completing the epic quest, makes it Common not EPIC. It’s not Epic when every story does it. How often do you hear the EPIC story of the person taking orders at a fast food joint? Blizzard thinks that Epic stories need to not only include everyone, but make sure everyone is the pwndaddyelite center of the oldgod-awful story.


Should have spoken for yourself “I think I do but I don’t”


Meanwhile - the literally 100s of 1000s of players across classic wow that don’t come to the forums seem happy.


[ citation needed ]


LOL :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


please tell me how im wrong instead of just calling me a troll, I mean you don’t find less and less players are playing every day? outside of raid logging most people don’t even bother to log on anymore.


Are you kidding? Half of the problems you listed, Blizzard themselves caused…


If you had higher expectations, then you’re not wrong. It’s your opinion. I personally had a more realistic idea of what to expect, I guess, so JAB’s comment doesn’t apply to me at all.

Well it was a fun 4 months for me but I’ve gone back to retail now. It’s actually not bad I’m enjoying my dh again


You arent wrong mate


Make sure your subscription is cancelled, and don’t resub. Don’t play WoW, don’t give them money. It’s the only way Activision / Blizzard will realize they’ve messed up.

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I don’t see anyone here calling you a troll, just refuting your assertions.

Some of your assertions I agree with actually, but those arguing against them are not necessarily wrong.

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When the Blizzard leg-breakers showed up at my place of work and told me to gather my personal items because I was coming with them to play AV I said “No!”

Later that day, they showed up at my home and attempted to take me away from my family to play some more AV. Again I shouted “No!” and my 8 y/o daughter kicked one of them in the shins.


you can just stop playing and go back to private servers.

no one is forcing you to play.


classic is in a really strange time right now where we have the worst of PvP and the worst of PvE.

timegated to early raids with 1.12 balance.

crossrealm bgs.

classic will be good again in like a year when we get to naxx, at least for PvE. but PvP is dead likely forever unless we get changes. even after crossrealm was announced very late, we were still getting phases before crossrealm bgs would ruin pvp… and then they went ahead and rushed it out after only a month of honor system with wpvp.

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Okay. Thanks for sharing. Have fun or something in Modern, or whatever.

See you never!