"You should consider selecting a server with a low population"

As per your game’s message when trying to log into a server with a ‘high’ population … I’d love to Blizzard, please can you tell me their names?


Yeah, fat chance of getting a server with low population right now. The new servers that went up today are medium pop.


Was hoping to get on a low pop server as well. Not going to play on layered up monstrosity.

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Good job the window to whine about this tiny issue was small but you managed it.


Actually, only 3 of the 4 new servers are still at Medium, while the 4th, Incendius (Eastern PVP), is already at HIGH pop.

I hope those emergency servers that Blizz has standing by are good to go, because it looks like we’ll be needing them.

/moo :cow:


I honestly wonder what the queue’s are gonna be for the highest populated servers. 1000? 2000? 5000? 10000?

Just deal with it man. We ALL are in the same position.

Heh, the four servers they opened like 3 hours ago are Medium, Medium, Medium, and High.

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And it’s only going to get worse when they actually open the game.

A lot worse.

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“You should consider selecting a server with a low population”


Incendius went straight to High pop lmao

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Sounds like people are taking their advice. Good to know.

Did they ever clarify which of Incendius or Bigglesworth is EST or PST?

Too late on that all of them will have cake layers.

Biggles is PST Incendius is EST

I think Incendius is EST but don’t take my word for it.

True - I am guessing some will be worse than others.

I wonder how much of that is just people grabbing names that they couldnt get on the other servers.

The eastern pvp is high.

Message still there, window still WIDE OPEN … you fail.