"You should consider selecting a server with a low population"

Would assume they are counting total accounts?

I made 50 characters. I only plan on playing on one server.

Incendius will be the ‘Tichondrius’ of pvp.

You can use links if you put ` at the end and begginning of it no spaces

And thats before West Coast gets home from work! lol

Biggles just rolled over to High pop

This is going to be a train wreck but I can’t turn away from the impending explosion

bigglesworth is the west coast version of incendius. old blanchy is the west coast version of westfall

Right, what i mean is, joe blow didnt get the name he wanted on herod, so he chose different name. Now he created characters on the new servers to get the name he wanted. Thus, he contributes to rhe population number of both servers, but he will probably only play on one of them.

Blizzard haven’t said, others have asserted it’s characters … who knows the truth?

Totally forgot about that. My holiday is ironically this week =)

Also 2.7K position with a “10min” que time lol

Emphasis mine.

Good point, not conclusive but I guess it’s a good indication.

Don’t you “Moo” and me Tauren!