You guys want to have some "fun"

Server: Proudmoore
Location: Mald… house of the choosen
Time: 1:20pm server time

Bots galore! at least 10 of them.

Yes, I’ve reported them all however, it’s truly a sight to see.

Go ban anyway my CS friends!


Hey there Gumberculeez,

I’m going to proactively close this topic because these types of threads don’t tend to go well.

This forum is not for reporting other players. The primary purpose of this forum is to allow players to ask questions and give other player the opportunity to help out. More about this forum is covered in our stickied thread:

If you encounter players in-game that you believe are cheating, please make use of the right-click reporting tools provided by the World of Warcraft team.

(I know you stated you have, I’m providing this information for anyone else who may come across this thread in a search later)

Thank you for your vigilance!