You Guys Need to Fix Healer MMR

I think healers would rather have their mmr being directly tied to the enemy healer fixed before a new title, that fixes nothing. It’s been going on since season 1 and you need to address this issue.

Healer at 2386 mmr goes 5-1 against 4 other people with 2400+ mmr but because the enemy healer is at 2255 the guy gets zero points. Top dps both go 4-2 and gain 34 points and the other gets 38. That healer has nothing to gain and everything to lose in that lobby.


I agree the battle-mender title seems like an attempt at encouraging healers to play more without fixing the core issue. I’m not a big pvper and only did solo shuffle the first season and tried to get into it for season 2 and just got discouraged from those rating gains being single digits or even zero.

It feels like the MMR for healers is set in a way to try and make healers play more matches but it is so bad that it just makes them not want to even bother resulting in healers not bother queueing up or even just switching to a dps spec instead for solo shuffle.


It’s strange how Healer MMR is judged on a harsher scale as if they are supposed to predict human error and correct it. I would have been thrilled to go at least 3-3 as DPS since that means my rating won’t be in jeopardy.

I don’t heal often myself, but I do understand the struggle of having to deal with some teammates that can be… Out there, in a sense.

Playing healer in pvp is more than a headache as it is, it would be better to have the scaling be as lenient as possible.