You get to kill one to "fix" M+, which do you choose?

Fun little discussion point that I wanted to throw in because there are seemingly two culprits for everyone’s either annoyance or resistance to M+, so here we go:

You are given the power to decide to remove one of the two big “problems” (or “conceptual cornerstones”) of Mythic Plus, while intensifying the effect of the other. Your decision is final and you will not be held responsible for the decision as it relates to subscription retention or overall popularity, your choices are:

  1. Kill The Timer. M+ will no longer be timed. You can take your time and strategize if you like. In fact, the affixes will get so intense that rushing through eventually becomes near impossible.

  2. Kill Affixes. All of them. M+ is a race against the clock with ever-increasing (perhaps steeply so) values of damage coming in and enemy health pools, to the point that the timer imposes itself in the form of “can you even kill everything fast enough?”

We will say that loot income remains averaged out, so that “doing more instances faster” doesn’t necessarily get you more loot. Same with other elements that benefit from the current climate. You’re only deciding the gameplay identity of M+ in the absence of one of the two problematic pillars of the mode. Rewards will adapt to remain the same general income.

Which do you choose, and why? Why didn’t you choose the other?

I am not a M+ player, because I hate both of these. I tried it in mid-SL and it wasn’t for me, but I’m fascinated by the discourse around M+.



I would kill the timer and just replace it with some Jailer-esque Maw stuff the longer you were in the dungeon and the more deaths you rack up.

Not only is it cooler than a clock timer, but it’s more creative, could be thematically superior, it’s just superior in every way.


id rather kill affixes because the timer feels like one of the things that makes m+, m+

i have mixed feelings about affixes overall


I don’t really do M+ but I think if I had to pick I’d get rid of affixes. I think that having less to learn to handle would make it easier for players new to M+ to get into it.


They both feel like they make M+, but the timer can just be replaced by a faux timer. Kinda like how Tyrannical could be replaced with something creative.

The whole premise of your post is faulty because you are assuming we would want to make either of those choices.

you assume wrong.


The OP is making a proposal or asking a question, they aren’t making an assumption.

Why is your mind so closed, you clearly are only here to shut down discussions lol.


i definitely dont want the timer removed, and affixes id rather see modified/refreshed than removed altogether

i hate affixes that add mobs. so incorp, spiteful, afflicted. idc if theyre “free affixes,” i dont like them


no, the OP said fix m+ by one of these two methods

I don’t think either of those things are a problem nor something that needs to be removed to fix m+

I’d fix class balance first. maybe change up certain affixes but not remove them entirely, etc.

I’m on board with you here, would love to see the older affixes reimainged. I think they did a great job with entangling, would like to see them get rid of sanguine, bolstering, those older ones, and come up with something new.


See this is a proper adult response, not shunning the other person and lambasting them for “making a darn tooten WRONG assumption!!!” as if they’re just supposed to know what everyone in the world wants. Smh…


i have an idea that will not fix m+ but i think anyone that does m+ will unanimously agree



So give a bunch of L takes then say “remove dungeon RP”, which is the biggest L take. Just remove any RP or story from the dungeon, sure lol.

Dangit, outta likes so have :blue_heart:

What’s “L” about this take?


Bruh, this ruins the whole point of m+

Same with this.

If you want M+ to be super easy just say that.

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Ok, just for the sake of discussion and fun, I will suspend my own personal opinions about M+ (I don’t think the timer or affixes are “problems” in and of themselves).

I would kill the timer and amplify affixes. While I sometimes think rushing through keys can be fun, I much prefer the challenge of dealing with affixes and mechanics in high-ish keys.

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if you want story, there are normal, heroic, and m0 versions just for you!


Yeah everyone in here with an L take!!! If you want M+ to be easy noob casual faceroll stuff, just say that, jeeeez. Heh heh. We are so smug around here.

Either seems like ruining the system, and not having to consider the effect on all the things it impacts doesn’t give the choice any value.

A better question might be what alternative version would you open up; timeless or megaffix?

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Easily affixes. Super easy question for me. Since removing the fun seasonal ones and keeping all the annoying rotational ones, I don’t care about them anymore.

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So just do extra code work because you’re impatient? How about no.