You get to kill one to "fix" M+, which do you choose?

Kill the affixes but keep tyran/fort in. No need for bursting or bolstering anymore

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I’m liking your



except they have reduced rp in dungeons before theyre just inconsistent
dawn has reduced rp
halls of valor had reduced rp

So there’s no reason to remove them since they’re reduced. Okay. Like I said, L take.

did you pass 2nd grade reading comprehension


They’re stupid questions that’s why. The whole point of M+ is to make it harder and different from your standard heroic dungeons. OP is assuming that we hate M+ and all it’s features which I’ll admit I don’t love all the affixes but I don’t want to see it removed.

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I want to add a perspective that people might not have considered before. The timer is the only thing keeping all the difficulty from shifting onto the healer and tank. If M+ had no DPS checks, it would only be about living long enough to survive through and actually kill the huge HP sponges at whatever levels people get to. In fact, the meta would probably change to 5 tanks in the highest keys.


I would definitely kill the timer. Not just in WoW, but I hate timers in pretty much every game. In WoW especially, it trickles down to non-timed content and ends up making heroics and normals not-fun for people who are there for a chill time. Thank god for Follower Dungeons.


Ew, that’s true! I want to amend my answer now! No affixes!! :sob:


And that’s as far as your brain is willing to think, otherwise “KILL THIS THREAD, dumb questions and assumptions! REEEEEE!” Literally you.

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The timer is fine.

Having affixes is fine.

If anything, just change the current affixes.


This exactly for many bosses - some have built in soft enrage like Yazma, Chronikar, Deios where the arena gets jacked up if you don’t murder-death-kill it fast enough. (I’m outta likes so have this, by Gnomie :blue_heart:)

Heck, was able to do a 20 with all tanks:


Everything is fine except participating in the thread lmaoooo. What is up with you special snowflakes, why can’t you just choose one? Is it that serious?

M+ is fine it doesn’t really need to be fixed. But it also doesn’t need to have 30+ levels of difficulty.

They could easily scale heroic and M0 higher and start M+ at +10.

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Eh, thread’s dead.

Well that actually sounds like an improvement!

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some of my friends will do +20s with all tanks too
sometimes it goes great, sometimes not so great. they timed a 20 rise recently but i have a gambit from way back when burned in my mind that somehow took so long they gave up

i think it wasnt just an all tank gambit, but an all bear gambit lol

That’s great! It seems like the 5 tank strategy is actually quite popular now, at least from a quick filtered search on Warcraftlogs:

There is even a timed 28 with 5 tanks!

(Without the timer, I think it would be much more popular! hehe)


Oh that’s so cool! I am outta likes - dangit - so have this :blue_heart:

That’s cool, too! :blue_heart: first time I did na all tank was in S3 BFA. Was a blast. I like non-standard comps. There’s a lot of fun challenge to be had if folks are patient enough to look for it/create it.


now that i think about it id really like to do an all tank run myself
sadly the only toon i have with a tank spec hasnt been paid much attention to this season.

i also like weird gimmicky challenges with keys. i keep trying to get my friends to do a key all in first person camera but it hasnt happened yet.

maybe an all healer key would be fun? might need a tank though, not sure what level the ceiling for it would be lol