You cannot convince me that the s4 mount recolor wasn't planned

Blizzard has so much experience recoloring things (see: torghast cosmetics, other mounts). that there’s no way they didn’t know the “datamined” s4 mount was too close to the season 2 mount.

Then miraculously blizz responds to feedback in record time!!! (1 day later) yet for othersimilar things – silence.

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sure bud


Either way it provides evidence that devs don’t even play the game if they thought that color of mount (for the last season of the expansion) was a good idea and unique enough from the other three…

Moreover, if you pvp, you’d ask yourself why Blizzard doesn’t communicate even more about the state of the game in PvP. Tons of feedback on forums, twitter, and reddit – yet mostly silence and slow changes.


Who honestly cares? No one uses the mount after the first couple weeks of the season anyway.


I hope that they update the gladiator drakes.

Right now they all use the same black wing vfx. :sob:

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Blizzard does something dumb, stumbles to the ground, then picks themselves up and dusts themselves off and you’re suggesting this is part of some 10k IQ plan to look good? Lol.

How much time do you think it takes to change a color in photoshop ?

It does seem interesting, but maybe a simple color swap is something that can be done very quickly?

Because “it’s too similar to something that already exists” is different feedback from “I think you could do this to make it cooler”

Everyone ought to care about the inconsistencies in how the devs listen to feedback.

Hate the mount color for PvE reward?

Ok we’ll change it.

Think the gladiator mounts are also pretty non-unique from each other?

Gladiator’s Resolve is busted and healer balance in PvP is quite frustrating? Holy Priest has a button for everything?

Yea yea we’ll tune resolve, sorry just took us a few weeks. Priest? Ok sure yea we buff disc a bit.

Shadow Priest absolute poopoo in both PvE and PvE?

I think every player ought to advocate for more open, consistent, and continual discussion from the developers. Bring back developer watercoolers…

Small, incremental changes will eventually tune the game to a point where fewer and fewer changes are needed because everything feels decent. It is impossible to completely balance the game – but it will forever remain impossible through inaction.

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Ah, yes, the fact OP (and others on Twitter, reddit, etc.) did not formulate feedback in an appropriate, specific manner – with hex colors and all proving the statistical similarity between gladiator mount colors throughout the seasons – is definitely understandable.

It would definitely be too much to ask to have one or two employees dedicated to reading forums and online feedback to get genuine player sentiment about things. Ideally these employees would play and understand nuances of the game, while also understanding the development capacity of blizz, so they could offer the most relevant feedback.

It just makes sense to me, that if you change one gameplay’s (PvE M+) mount reward color for it being too similar to others – you could also easily change the other gameplay’s (PvP gladiator) mount reward

Glad mounts affect far fewer people than ksm mounts.

I do think they should do an unarmored version for pve players, too. :pleading_face:

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The same amount of time it would take to recolor the gladiator mount.

It looks like a fancy voidwalker now

I promise you that even the people working on this game don’t freak out over every little thing like the people who play it

blue green is closer to sea foam green than bronze is to black.

Absolutely more reason why it could also be done for the gladiator mount.

Oh, and I think that they mixed up the order of the ksm mounts.

Remember s1 with prideful? That should’ve been the s3 red mount.


Again: that’s all saying that they are of the opinion that the glad mount could be better. Clearly, blizzard doesn’t agree that the glad mounts look close enough alike that you could easily confuse the 2.