You can literally get banned for calling somebody a snowflake

this post offends me

Are all the people who exploited the bug getting banned?

Sooo would love to know how you get your info that you won’t get banned for layer exploiting?

zero bans yet

And how would you know?

Repeating - suspensions are not bans. As for whether account actions are occurring or going to occur, I’d refer to Lore’s post:

Note the “Very Weird Stuff”. That’s what Blizzard goes through and looks at. Was it an accident? Were they aware? All that requires time and effort to review on each account involved.

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sounds like a good way to wait until people forget and then not have to ban any streamers.


I image a few of them, the lesser known ones, will take the fall. The others will be in the clear.

But you can lose all your trust rating and be down graded to rank 1. And from what I know it seems permanent. So, it’s a server punishment for something so insignificant.

Or you’re an ignorant salty moron talking out of his a**? Ya, that one seems much more likely. Hey! My brother’s wife’s cousin’s best friend said everyone got a 1 year ban! See? I can make things up with zero proof too!

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Can also be banned for calling someone a shill, too. “Harassment.” Ironically a snowflake response.

Even worse…if 10 people who know each other report you for calling themsnowflake…you will likely catch a suspension…meanwhile that same group uses racist terms and tells you to go kill yourself, but you are the only person reporting them…nothing will happen. The flaw is the automated system.

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(Looks at character name)

Could you be any more obvious? :neutral_face:


Just posting for posterity to demonstrate I have not been banned for calling the OP a precious snowflake who needs special rules safe spaces earlier this afternoon.


Yes, well in this PC world you’re not allowed to offend anyone.

Hey, Mr. Butthurt? Seems there is video of people showing the emails from Blizz getting suspended and everything they gained with exploit being deleted… but ya, noone gettin banned for exploiting layers!

I’m offended by you thinking it’s PC to not offend people. It’s common decency! Lmao jk :heart:



Sticks and stones may break some bones but words will always offend a snowflake.


so many people in this thread about to get banned =(