Server caps go back to how it was.
The old options menu back.
Server only BGs.
No server transfers.
Remove the PvP server type.

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Tell them I’m making one change. Uninstall WOW. Uninstall Launcher. They’re already skating very thin ice as it is. Enjoy seven random changes that will probably upset everyone, because the #nochanges didn’t want any and the #yeschanges didn’t want those changes that way and not their #mychangescuzimasnowflake.


Well since they already ruined AV for both factions with changes:

  1. wow classic to last forever, no other expansions like TBC or wotlk

  2. Dual Spec

  3. updated graphic models

  4. Account Wide Mounts

  5. cross realm functionality so I can play with my friends n new friends

At least in my opinion these 5 will give me much more real enjoyment of the full classic experience

Good, the fewer “No-changers” remaining, the better the odds we have garbage like spell batching removed.

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Same changes I originally advocated for.
-Prohibit multibox cheating.
-Put in tokens.
-Get rid of weekly honor decay.
-Balance the faction ratios better.
Probably a few others I can’t think of on the spot.

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Actually, I take it back. They still do consider the way they process unit on unit actions as batching:

That means you were wrong on both counts. Batching still exists and leeway has always existed.

Good point. Instead of my desire to remove the PvP server type. I’ll switch it out with removing spell batching.

1: Scale end-game gathering node spawn rates to server size, to account for the increased server sizes of classic.
2: Allow players paid transfers to PvP servers from PvE servers, but limit it to the underpopulated faction.
3: Retails AH revamp, because single-stack spam is still a pain in the poop-chute, even with auctioneer.
4: Fix the tooltips that are borked (like Anger Management).
5: Ban Glinda from responding to this post, so I can at least win one argument, dammit.

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  1. Class balancing (nerf most popular and successful classes like warrior & mage very slightly).
  2. BG balancing (premades, skill level, composition, roles).
  3. Dual spec. Lower re-spec costs.
  4. Guild bank with some sort of transparency/security.
  5. Better systems for punishing AFK/griefing/scamming.

No to everything.

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  1. Nerf Hardiness
  2. Tune Guards so people can’t camp Flight Paths
  3. Guild Bank
  4. Make it so you can’t respawn in your cave unless your team holds no GYs in AV
  5. Transmog, I was originally very much against transmog but on an RP Server it would be a great quality of life change.

or at least halve it to 10%

Fix herb spawns to compensate for higher pop… thats really it… super easy

  • Moonkin no longer make bear sounds when entering form
  • Moonkin show proper animations when fishing and crafting
  • Moonkin can ride mounts

I don’t think you understood the prompt.

I wasn’t going to say a thing.

  1. Ban the account of anyone whining about multi-boxing
  2. Instant mail
  3. reagent banks
  4. No premade PvP queuing whatsoever…on Weekends. Let the tryhards get their honor during the week, but weekends are for casual pvp.
  5. No TBC ever. Classic+ only.

poor horse cant rest in peace


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  1. A “working” updated model toggle
  2. Random algorithm spawn points for black lotus/rich thorium nods
  3. Removal of rcr
  4. Appropriate staffing for human GM’s.
  5. Draenei obviously :wink:

Also if they just got rid of pvp rankings and awards so that the only people who pvp’d were there for the sake of pvp would be nice