So here’s the hypothetical:

Blizzard comes to you, yes, you, and tells you that you can make 5 changes to Classic, or they’re making seven. Only restriction is that it has to be an actual change, not something like a reskin. Whadaya do?

Mailboxes, flight paths, collections tab, guild banks, pally taunt, shaman get polearms, firbolgs playable, yeti mounts, Arthas kills everyone while we’re still capped at 60?!

Burn Teldrassil and remove all Night Elves. No more Alliance on Kalimdor.

All hail the Dark Lady :heart:

Make faction change a possibility. Only available to Alliance who have died to Undead.


Only if you get rid of the belves, too.

Flying sparkle ponies.



Un sub walk away.


Whadaya do?

  1. Warlocks can now permanently keep enslaved demons a la hunters (they still break loose after 5 minutes max) and throw them out like Pokemon; is a SEPARATE spell from Enslave Demon.
  2. Infernal/Doomguards NEVER despawn and must be killed, regardless of what zone they’re in.
  3. Warlock trinkets from BWL and quest are buffed; double ALL demon damage and allow me to summon a Doomguard instead of a Voidwalker
  4. Long and extremely obnoxious warlock quest chain where I befriend a Dread lord and gain him as a summonable demon by doing lots of petty and evil things.
  5. Nerf mages
  • insta mailing
  • 2 fly points on every area
  • balance classes to end with meme specs
  • looting on area
  • balance AV map

Why? I kill them two at a time. They’re like freebies for warlocks.

  1. AV 1.5
  2. All talents set to 1.1
  3. All gear set to 1.1
  4. Palainds set to Beta where they had crusader strike
  5. Paladins can exorcise forsaken
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op bunga class and keeps taking all our loot, they must not be forgiven

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Gotta learn to roll, son.

  1. Cut batching in half.

Vanilla WOW already changed many times… with each expansion pack. It’s now referred to as Retail and its getting more changes… in another expansion pack!

Go play that game and leave Classic alone!

  • Ban addons.
  • Ban multiboxers.
  • Ban server transfers (too late for this I guess…)
  • Faction queues.
  • Adjust RP decay so that it is 5-10% instead of 20%.
  1. No debuff limit

  2. Hybrid dps don’t oom 1 minute into a raid fight.

  3. Fury warriors nerfed

  4. 1.5 AV

  5. Feral damage scales with weapons

  1. Get rid of honor system/ranks
  2. Get rid of instances — everything open all the time
  3. Get rid of BGs (see 2)
  4. Make awesome world events
  5. Let us choose character fatness
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Just play a dorf.

  1. Reduce server sizes back to vanilla standards.
  2. Remove updated graphics options.
  3. Remove right click report.
  4. Remove bnet integration.
  5. Revert gameplay changes such as MCing out of BGs.

How about imagining you can sleep with 5 famous movie stars? That is more likely to happen, than Blizzard telling hundreds of thousands of us that each of us can make changes to Classic.

Get rid of leeway
Get rid of spell batching
Instant mail to your own characters
Limit pvp premades to 5 people
Increase resource spawns (black lotus etc)

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