Years of practice doesn't change the fact

Rage whispers. People “reeee” and rage quit mythic plus. Anything you say is met with a trolling/sarcastic response in chat.

I just have no idea what you are talking about.

How about you try not speaking for everyone, pal?

I responded to someone who spoke for everyone, pal. Why don’t you read the thread, pal?

Actually Rag was unkillable. He was defeated very early in Vanilla but he stuck at 1% because he wasn’t finished and the devs didn’t expect anyone to get that far that quickly. If you want to call that “pre nerf” then you kinda lose credibility going forward.


Lol you think mythic is hard. Do you have trouble with an add-on telling you what to do?

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they will be cleared with in 1 1/2 hours …No if ands or buts about it.

I dont think that word means what you think it does.

Many bosses where impossibleto be killed thanks to bugs and / or not being finished. If your definition of nerf is “actually beatable” your going to have a bad time

Yes. OBVIOUSLY I am asking for unkillable bosses, Jesus Christ. Where do you people live? I am on planet Earth btw.

That is precisely what you are asking for though.

Did you even read why blizzard chose the patch that they did? rolleyes. It’s not like they introduced pre-bc tuning.

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I literally wasn’t talking to you.

according to your armory you haven’t done anything in a group past wotlk. how would you know if it’s hard or easy when you’ve never done it?


Just lol at checking someone’s armory to try and defend your precious retail. Just Go back to retail.


Here are some things that were considered normal, so normal in fact that some of them ended up in the official strategy guide:

-The tank being expected to take critical hits in progression raiding. (Anyone else still have their official dungeon and raid strategy guide for that gem?)
-Turning with a keyboard.
-Clicking abilities to cast them
-Waiting until the tank was taking damage to start casting healing spells
-NOT using voice comms.

Not only that, but Molten Core was balanced around all these things.

The later buffs from talents only exacerbated the matter.

i don’t raid mythic either and the highest i’ve gotten in arena is like 1500 i don’t even have any arena achievements past getting step into arena. just because i haven’t done it doesn’t mean it’s not hard. also you’re trolling so i’d appreciate it you’d stop. i’ve been all over the classic forums talking about how fun it is. though i keep rerolling on different servers to try to find a better fit. check my posts my dude.

Of course its undertuned. MC was never designed for 1.12. Every instance is easy too in case you have not noticed. 1.12 talents are too strong and the 16 debuff slot counter does not help either in terms of difficulty. Not to mention that equipment is buffed too.

That is not the only change to rag, so no it isn’t what I’m asking for, keep trying tho. I’m not even asking for anything just pointing out a fact.

Yeah it does.

/end thread

This is sad to see. Stop struggling and making excuses. Classic is not hard.

Vanilla had a 8 debuff limit. this patch has 16, that’s double the amount of debuffs from launch. patch 1.12.1 made doing Rag pretty easy.

the fact it seems to be so easy is actually great for me. i finally decided on server/class/spec. (tauren resto shaman) and i asked a friend if doing lw would give me decent pre raid BiS. because it was downed and is about as hard as a normal bfa raid means that i am not afraid to do it. so in that way it is good for me because now i know that i will likely be able to do it without hurting 39 other people with noobness. :slight_smile:

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That has nothing to do with “difficulty” but rather the technology of the time.

If they could have easily added 16 debuff limit earlier they would have.