[Year 36 Campaign] Happy Dragonflight Launch Day!

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By Saturday, February 20th, preparations were well underway: Several Argent Crusaders and members of the Legion of the Dawn fortyfied Light’s Hope and the towers of Eastwall and Northpass as well they could, while a unit of Sunreavers took to the skies on borrowed Hippogryphs to patrol the area.

The first flares lit up in the sky to the west at roughly an hour before sunset. Light’s Shield called for aid. Allied forces rallied at Light’s Shield and took witness to a considerable host of Mossflayer forces charging over the hillside to the west. Cannons and mortars fired but seemed to make no dent in the coming forces. Weapons were raised, magics were flared and forces charged into the coming line.

Only nothing was there. The entire force was, somehow, an illusion. A trio of red flares soared into the sky to the east. Light’s Hope Chapel was under attack.

Quickly, allied forces returned to Light’s Hope. Already groups of Undead Trolls fought in front of the northwest walls, some even pushing under the gate arches. Shadowpriests stood atop the walls, assailing our forces, while Shadowhunters let loose volley after volley of arrows. No hesitation, we moved in and began to engage the Living and Undead Mossflayer.

The aim of the Shadowhunters was unfortunately quite exemplary. Within moments of joining the battle, several allied members were struck by Black Arrows. On the ground, the blades of the enemy were found to also be treated with venoms.

The force of Crusaders, Dawnsmen, and Sunreavers all deserve considerable accolades for the ensuing fight. Working alongside each other, each line of the Mossflayer was gradually beat away, though not without some three-quarters of allied forces - at minimum - taking wounds of some sort, easily half also being afflicted with the toxins of poisoned weapons.

As defeat for the Mossflayers seemed to draw near, many were witnessed imbibing a bluish elixir. They proceeded to entirely vanish from sight, leading those present to safely assume the compound was some kind of invisibility potion. It is worth recording that this was only witnessed from the living Mossflayer, many of whom carried satchels of alchemical vials and bottles on their persons into the fight. It is clear that they have found some power they previously did not have in Scourge alchemy.

Close of the battle quickly drew as the Mossflayer retreated. No Living survivors were located to apprehend or question. A single Undead was still survived, though questioning proved fruitless. It did reveal, however, that these are not just mindless ghouls the Trolls have somehow raised, but sentient and free-willed.

In the battle’s aftermath, the decision was made to investigate whatever magics produced the conditions that lead to the deceit at Light’s Shield. A tail of illusionary footprints were followed back to their source.

The team believes four or five Mossflayer were responsible for producing the imagery witnessed. Further, it was determined this was a form of Shadow deception, not some Arcane illusion.

A member of the Dawn also felt the reverberations of something these Mossflayer used to empower their deception. A relic of some nature… and one that, as she reached out and probed, seemed to leave a distinct echo of its power at the location.

This much seems known: The relic is Nerubian in origin and it assisted the Mossflayers in producing the shared, mass hallucination all at Light’s Shield witnessed. Whether this means a Crypt Lord is behind this, or some link to powers of the Old Gods, or what, precisely, remains unknown.


Saturday, February 26th at 5pm:
Light’s Hope

Any characters in or near the Eastern Plaguelands may hear about a large gathering of factions at Light’s Hope.

This coming Saturday, those factions (The Argent Crusade, The Legion of the Dawn and The Sunreavers) will continue their investigation in the area.


Following a Quiet Week…

On Friday Night, The Sunreavers at Light’s Hope gathered for a weekly briefing, which included a promotion ceremony for one of their own.

Two Argents, including their chief apothecary, approached the group and announced the creation of an anti-venom in need of testing.

On the orders of Magister Sungazer, Lieutenant Kiah Emberflame, of The Sunreavers, lead her group to escort the two Argents on a mission to the Noxious Glade, in order to test the anti-venom on feral Scourge in the area.

The mission was successful, and the anti-venom proven to be effective. The group have returned safely to Light’s Hope with this new knowledge.

All available members of The Argent Crusdade, The Legion of the Dawn and The Sunreavers have been ordered to gather today, Saturday February 26th, between 4:30 and 5pm for new orders.


Corin’s Crossing
(Eastern Plaguelands)

On Saturday, while the Legion of the Dawn occupied themselves with the fortification of the area, The Argents Crusaders and The Sunreavers met at Light’s Crown Tower, near Light’s Hope, to discuss recent discoveries: over the last few days, feral undead had been spotted coming from various directions and seemingly swarming to the area. Their apparent target: Corin’s Crossing.

The commander suggested a stealth operation. Using invisibility potions, used by the Mossflayers and found after the last attack, the group would make their way into the ruined township to discover the undead’s machinations.

Each member drank one vial of potion, and had two to spare for the duration of the mission. They made their way into the town, only to find dozens, if not hundreds of feral undead, wandering about, even avoiding a close call with a very large Abomination.

Magister Sungazer and Captain Selowyn of the Argents began feeling a magical pull in the direction of the old town hall, and thus the group made its way inside. There, they found a dark relic, in a crate, emanating the magical energies drawing the undead near.

The relic, clearly Nerubian in origin, was inscribed with runes of domination and emitted a scourge magical signature. One of the Argents, by the name of Malek, came in contact with the artifact. His mind, and that of the Argent Captain, Selowyn, were violently attacked by the relic, feeding them disjointed images of death and destruction.

The Sunreavers sprang into action: while Guardian Embersky used the Light to try and break the relic’s hold on the Argents, Magister Sungazer placed arcane wards around the relic to block its magical emanations.

The Captain was able to break away first, and needed to use mind control to animate Malek for the group’s departure. The group took the last remaining invisibility potions and made a hasty departure, returning to Light’s Crown Tower.


To Act Before It’s Too Late

On Thursday, Commander Vadinaar summoned representatives from the Legion of the Dawn and The Sunreavers to a meeting to plan the next course of action based on new intelligence.

A scouting mission to the Ghostlands revealed a significant force of Amani reinforcements heading towards the Thalassian Pass to assist their Mossflayer allies in the Plaguelands. While this indicates the Mossflayer are struggling following their encounters with the allied forces at Light’s Hope, it also means time is of the essence.

The meeting was held, and a plan has been devised: while the Legion of the Dawn will ensure the movement of heavy artillery from the Towers of Eastwall and Northpass to the area near the Thalassian Pass, and ensure heavy fire from three sides, The Sunreavers will lead an aerial strike force from their armored dragonhawks.

With much work to get done, the troops assembled sprang into action. Latest scouting reports indicate the Amani may emerge from the Pass as early as Saturday, and the Argent Crusade, Legion of the Dawn, Sunreavers and any other allies they can convince must be ready.


The Battle of the Thalassian Pass
Eastern Plaguelands

Reports from earlier scouting parties were confirmed as a unit of Undead Dire Trolls, accompanied by Batriders in the sky, came through the Pass in an attempt to bolster the ranks of their new Mossflayer allies.

Below, a report by Commander Vadinaar of the Argent Crusade:

Observer’s Report - Battle of Thalassian Pass

Armaments, munitions, hippogryphs and dragonhawks, and troops were all in place, with most of the two latter categories at nearby Northpass Tower - where I observed and ultimately write this from. The tension was palpable as all seemed to wait for what was to come.

When the call from the Pass came, the briefing had not even been given. Instead, quick orders were shouted telling people to deploy to the front, take up artillery, or get in the air.

Cannons began to fire immediately as the first Undead Dire Trolls came into view, decimating the first rank of the creatures. Our air support followed up and pelted their line with grenades, all while our ground force got into position and braced for the fight to come.

The engagement on the ground began not moments after the first strafe by air was complete. Almost immediately it was clear the kind of fight our troops were in for as they were cleaved, slammed, and bashed about by the massive Dire Trolls.

Artillery barrages continued, along with constant aerial bombardment. Casualties began to mount quickly, however, with an early friendly fire incident adding to the carnage on the ground. And that was before the Amani Bat Riders entered the fray, hurling poisoned spears at our air support and artillery, and pelting our ground forces with flasks of liquid fire, our air support had to entirely focus on the bat riders rather than continue to lend their aid to the ground battle.

The loss of their attention was sorely felt as Dawnsmen, Crusaders, and Vol’kar Warriors all began to suffer grievously at the might of the Undead Dire Trolls. The Sunreavers in the sky started to make quick work of the light but speedy Amani air support.

To the shock of all, a sudden explosion in the air. A Bat Rider seemed to imbibe some kind of unstable concoction which turned them into a living bomb. They raced at a group of our air support and dealt severe damage to our forces.

The battle waged on and by the halfway point, for every Dire Troll we took down, one of our own started to fall. The air battle was thankfully going better and before long, a majority of the force left was all but defeated. As their numbers dwindled one made a last gambit, drinking their unstable concoction and dive bombing, literally, our eastern artillery emplacement. The massive explosion sent fire and shrapnel across the battlefield, not to mention the force of the blast knocking many to the backs. The blast would critically wound several and diminish the heavy attacks that did the most damage to the Dire Trolls. Yet the battle continued.

Their numbers all but spent towards the end, a group of the Dire Trolls began a reckless charge, plowing through our lines and making for the exit of the pass. They were greeted by the last ditch attempt of an Dawnsmen ally to end the conflict, sending a cart of munitions barreling down a hill towards them. The explosion would prove massive. Perhaps unexpectedly so. As the battle observer I cannot state that with certainty.

What I initially believed a secondary explosion erupted, catching me off guard, though it in fact came from somewhere far to the south. I only record this as it did certainly cause some alarm in the moment, and detracted from observation of the battlefield.

As the fireball and smoke cleared, it seemed only two of the Amani Bat Riders had escaped from the conflict. All other forces that came south were defeatedly, but not without significant casualties to our forces, with many still in critical condition at the time of this entry.


Today, on March 12th 2022, the groups working together at Light’s Hope will move on the Mossflayer Trolls and try to end their threat to the Eastern Plaguelands.

Gathering begins at 4:30pm, with event starting officially at 5pm!

Eastern Plaguelands Finale:
Raid on Zul’Mashar

After weeks spent defending and securing Light’ Hope, and fortifying the towers of Northpass, Eastwall and Light’s Crown, the coalition knew they had an opportunity following the victory at the Battle of Northpass.

The Mossflayers’ new experimentation with necromancy, allowing them to raise an army of undead trolls, threatened not only the relative peace in the Eastern Plaguelands, but along with their new Amani allies, the balance of power in neighbouring Quel’Thalas.

Now cut off from their allies and surrounded, the Mossflayer were holed up in Zul’Mashar. The coalition, comprised of the Argent Crusade, The Legion of the Dawn, The Sunreavers, The Vol’kar Legion and other allies, marched on the troll stronghold.

Using the Mossflayers’ own tricks against them, illusion magic was used to convince the trolls of a large unit moving toward their home, luring their forces out of their town to avoid any casualties to civilians and innocents.

A fierce battle raged, with one group pushing through to Zul’Mashar, only to find the entire population suffering from the effects of some strange malady.

It is only when the rest of the allied forces cleared the path and joined them that it was revealed by a Sunreaver witness that one Malek D’Zheari had purposely poisoned the troll’s water supply to weaken them before the raid. The accused disarmed himself and attempted to flee, but was captured and now sits in a cell.

As the coalition worked to cure the innocents by administering anti-venom elixir to as many as possible, their troll ally, Abojuto, faced off against the necromancy-obsessed warlord and defeated him, putting an end to this immediate Mossflayer threat.

Victorious, the coalition gathered what was theirs and have returned to Light’s Hope. The Sunreavers have offered to open portals to facilitate those needing to traverse long distances, and all are invited to Dalaran for the upcoming Quarterly Conclave of the Kirin Tor.


Saturday, March 19th at 5pm):
The Quarterly Conclave of the Kirin Tor
Purple Parlour
Dalaran (Northrend)

All Mages, agents and allies of the Kirin Tor. All members, allies and friends of the coalition that worked together throughout the Year of the Scourge are invited to Dalaran to attend and share news from all across Azeroth.

Four times a year, near the turning of the Seasons, the Kirin Tor of Dalaran recall their magi, agents and allies back home to report on the events and conflicts transpiring in the world. It is with as better understanding of current events and tensions that Dalaran and its citizens can adapt to the world and ensure a lasting peace and neutrality, whilst offering aid where they can.

Knowledge if power.

The Conclave happens today and will begin at 5 bells in the Purple Parlour of the Violet Citadel. Guests will begin to gather around 4:30pm.

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The Eastern Plaguelands

Following the defeat of the Mossflayer Tribe at Zul’mashar, and the end of their new foray into necromancy, the Coalition of made up of The Argent Crusade, the Legion of the Dawn, the Sunreavers and the Vol’kar Legion have returned to the area to investigate reports of an explosion heard from the area of Darrowshire.

Initial findings indicate an unknown threat in the area, attacking the Forsaken Refugees at Darrowshire in the maically created fog that seems to permeate the area. Six missing Forsaken scouts were found, having suffered torture and succumbed to the true death, hanging from trees near the Marris Stead estates.

Torture instruments were found at the estate, along with various other items. As well, a portal anchor point was discovered, which seemed to lead to the Underbelly of Dalaran. The investigation was detected, however, and the portal was destroyed from the other end.

While some Forsaken refugees chose to stay in Darrowshire or relocate to Crown Guard Tower, others were escorted to Quel’Thalas.


Forsaken Refugees arrived without much incident and have begun to settle, at least for the time being, in the area of Tranquillien, where they already have allies.

The Farstriders continue their patrols of the Ghostlands and Eversong Woods, still finding feral scourge scurrying about the forests, moreso in the former than the latter. These random feral undead are usually no match for the rangers.

The Amani trolls of Zul’aman have been quiet since the decimation at the battle of the Thalassian Pass of the reinforcements they had attempted to send to the Plaguelands. Still, Farstriders remain in the area and are keeping a watch on the trolls.


A great RP event for WRA (cross-faction). Everyone is amazing.


Our Plaguelands story continues tonight!

All Roads Lead to Andorhal…

Nearly two weeks ago, the coalition in the Plaguelands moved on Caer Darrow, following a week of standing outside the gate and protective barrier put up by the cultists inside, and successfully raided the isle.

Unbeknownst to them, the isle was a trap, meant to keep the forces distracted while elsewhere, the scourge poured out of Andorhal, summoned by the use of more Nerubian relic scourgestones, and moved on several nearby targets:

The Mender’s Stead and Chillwind were attacked and overrun, forcing the Argents to flee. Meanwhile, the Bulwark was attacked, yet the scourge was successfully repelled.

Not only were the Plaguelands targeted, but the Hinterlands were as well: Quel’Danil was overrun, forcing the Quel’dorei there to retreat to the safety of Aerie Peak. Meanwhile, the research station of Hiri’watha had also gone silent.

Over the course of the last several days, many missions have been carried out, and progress has been made: The Mender’s Stead and Chillwind have been reclaimed, as has Hiri’watha. In addition, many clues point to a mysterious Benefactor, with possible ties to the Scarlett Crusade, seems to be behind much of this, aided by someone in Dalaran.

Presently, the scourge, and possibly their Benefactor, are holed up in Andorhal. The coalition readies itself to march on the town and put an end to the scourge threat.

Any and all available champions in the area are asked to join the Coalition in this strategic attack. The safety of Lordaeron, the Hinterlands to the south and Quel’Thalas to the north are at stake.

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The Coalition assembled at Uther’s Tomb, and received a progress report: the feral Undead at Andorhal seemed to be on the move, attracted to Chillwind and beyond to the Hinterlands, possibly attracted by newly activated Nerubian Relics. The time to act was now. Fortunately, many champions answered the call. In addition to the coalition members, the Frostwolf Clan and Stormpike had sent aid: while the Stormpike provided tanks to use against the scourge, the Frostwolf guaranteed air strike support and beckons to summon it. In addition, Donovan, of the Vol’kar Legion, revealed a horn he had crafted, which housed a spell capable of exerting control over a group of feral undead for a time.

Armed with these resources, the group mounted up, upon hearing the horns warning of scourge on the move, and rode to the front lines. There, the attacks begun on two fronts: One group facing off against the scourge, including Plague Eruptors, near the bridge into Andorhal, while the tanks faces off against ageists and skeletal mages near Chillwind.

The group encountered heavy resistance on the bridge leading into Andorhal proper. Brave champions fought for hours to take the bridge, but the appearance and repeated attacks of an emberwyrm caused the group to summon an airstrike and make a run for it.

Inside Andorhal, a fierce battle for control waged between the allied forced against the feral undead. More airstrikes were called in, with many of the coalition finding themselves injured within the blast radius.

Finally, in the wee hours of the morning, the battle was won and the coalition had secured Andorhal. While they had cleared the town of its assembled scourge, the fact that they did not manage to stop all feral undead from escaping and moving on to potentiel new targets made this victory bittersweet.

(Post edited to include the final events.)


Sunday May 15th at 4:30pm:
Hearthglen (Western Plaguelands)

Commander Vadinnar of the Argent Crusade has sent out a call and invitation to the allies of the Coalition, and those wishing to get involved, to convene on the neutral ground of Hearthglen on Sunday May the 15th, to celebrate the latest victories and discuss the path moving forward.


World Update…

A clouded sky, bearing a strange scar giving way to a dark, starry night hangs over Icecrown where the sundered veil once loomed over the Citadel. Icecrown Citadel remains under the stewardship of the Ebon Blade, with Acherus still locked to the upper landing of the tower. The Argent Crusade holds all their forts once more, attempting to fend off these Warlord and clan-like groups of Scourge.

The San’layn Vorath grows bolder. The ranks of his Darkfallen begin to swell. Brazen abductions of Thalassians seem to be occurring, presumably in an effort to further expand the Darkfallen forces. Coalition efforts to scry out the enemy have left us a map from Eversong in the north to Nethergarde in the south to scour. With his forces continuing to grow and his ultimate motives still unknown, we continue to prepare for the unexpected.

The Eastweald & Lordaeron
While one should never turn their back on the Plaguelands, with the Cult of the Damned driven out and any Scourge captains or lieutenants disposed of already, the region is seeming remarkably stable. Andorhal, however, is another story. Since the city was reclaimed it has become a powder keg, and there seem to be many flinging matches at it. The Cultists that remain conspire to use our victory and past political tensions against us, clearly hoping to keep us busy and distracted. To the west and south, animosities stir against all Undead.

The fiery hatred against Scourge, mindless Undead, and Death Knights, and Forsaken alike not seen since the Scarlet Crusade was extinguished are being rekindled. Propaganda spreads, reframing many of our Coalition’s enemies and our victories against them in a lens that stirs these long cold coals. It becomes ever clearer that these Cultists, once of the Damned and subservient to the Scourge have a Master that is far older and more sinister. Their reach and plot extend well beyond the lands north of the Thandol Span.

Chapter 3 officially begins this Saturday, May 28th starting at 4:30pm in Andorhal.


Year 35
(Year of the Scourge Epilogue)


The San’layn Vorath has been defeated at Deatholme, his assault with the undead halted at Tranquillien. While this victory is significant, we cannot help but be left with a certain sense of trepidation. Vorath seemingly performed his attack with no other san’layn or darkfallen involved in any aspect of his siege, which leaves us to wonder where that group remains, and what their next move is.

The Eastweald
The living residents within Andorhal continue to require treatment and assistance. The casualty count has now reached five dead, with dozens still severely ill, with new cases still appearing despite our belief that all tainted stocks were removed, leading us to the onerous process of removing and replacing any and all goods still within the city, regardless of their source.

Despite this quarantine and strict import screening, Forsaken refugees have begun to return to the city, being unaffected by the plague itself that infects those within.

The ingenuity of the Forsaken has prevailed against the blight. While Brill had been under rebuild for some time, the question of where to house so many displaced Forsaken has been an unanswered question, until now. The Ruins of Lordaeron City have been cleansed of blight, along with the swath of land before the city’s main gates.

This unexpected event has shaken the north, giving hope to Forsaken, but also causing a mix of apprehension, tension, and ire amongst those who preferred to see the Forsaken, or Horde in general, without a seat to hold power within Lordaeron.

Deadwind, Duskwood, & the Swamp
A strange fog, familiar to those who fought in the Plaguelands and Eastweald, densely covers Deadwind Pass, spilling out to the edge of Darkshire in Duskwood, and to the Sunken Temple in the Swamp of Sorrows.

A threat hangs over the region two fold: A Lich takes residence with the Temple, seeking to raise an army of Undead Green Flight. Within Karazhan, the Darkfallen have seemingly made their way in, the full extent of their intentions unknown.

Kul Tiras
A Cultist Master has managed to escape to Freehold. Intentions within the region, unknown.

Tol Barad
We have managed to reclaim Baradin Hold, returning it to the Kirin Tor Wardens, and defeating the darkfallen that had the prison’s staff enthralled. Unfortunately, a Cultist Master responsible for the troubles at the prison has eluded us, breaking out a monstrous C’thraxxi in the process, the fate of which is currently unknown after a harrowing battle with an explosive end.

Arathi & Hillsbrad
Traders to Argent camps in Chillwind continue to spread tale of a troubling movement out of Arathi and Hillsbrad that seems to be only growing in fervor, especially after news spread of the plague’s return to Andorhal. A movement that risks the fragile armistice as it villainizes Forsaken with all Undead.


It’s the eve of the Summer Solstice, the highest point of the sun and one of the greatest festivals in the Thalassian year. At one of the many pockets of celebration starting to crop up around Silvermoon as the Midsummer Festival begins, food carts and vendors of wares have gathered near one of the Solstice ritual oathfires.

This Sunday in Silvermoon City, come celebrate the Sind’orei Solstice with a special Oath-taking ceremony. Come celebrate the glory of the Midsummer holiday and swear an oath to the flames.

Check out our forum post for more information!

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