<YDIH> Recruiting for Heroic/Mythic Prep Tues/Thurs

is currently recruiting DPS and healers as we build our roster back up in preparation for Fated Raids. We are 9/9H, 3/9M but like any guild, the attendance boss snuck up on us, between real life and jobs, we are now looking to open recruit trials for Heroic and for going back into mythic as needed in prep for fated raids.


Tues/Thurs 9pm PST - 12am PST

Recruiting: Currently open recruiting any and all 465+ ilvl DPS/Healer for Heroic Reclear/Mythic once our roster is back at full strength.

Please feel free to reach out via bnet at: Lilith#12189

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Bumping for bump bump bumpitys!

Hi. I’m a returning player. I made a post the other day. Your raid times work perfectly for my schedule.

I have the following 70s:
70 warrior
70 shaman
70 monk

I also have a 66 pally that I can lvl to 70 and gear up and be raid ready. Can play either specs.

Please see post if you think I’ll be a good fit. My chars are on Area 52, currently. LF late night raiding guild PST

Thank you.

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Heya! I would def be interested in speaking with you! Add me on bnet and let’s go from there!

Still looking!

11th hour bumperonis

Still recruiting for a healer and DPS!

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Still lf DPS!

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Still looking for one or two more dps

Almost there! One or two more players and we are rock solid!

Where, there, bear, pair, still recruiting one or two more dps

1/9M with 7% on M Igira on first night!

Still lf a few more dps!

I posted in the other one as well. But I would like to talk to you guys about potentially joining. I am an ex CE raider Btag is Moxtix#1529 and discord tag is Moxjix

Was a pleasure to meet you! Looking forward to raiding together!

Still looking for recruits

Still need some dps uwu

That time of the night