LF late night raiding guild PST

Hey all,

I am a returning player. Played DF for about 3 months and had to take some time off. I earned AOTC with my previous guild in shadowlands but RL had a newborn so raid was disbanded. I haven’t raided since but am looking to start again and make new friends in the game.

I have only been tanking, but am open to playing heals or dps as long as the group is fun and chilled.

I am a dad of two boys (4.5 and 1) so I normally don’t get on until 9pm and play till 12am. Can stay later for raid days/M+/social/etc.

I have good raid awareness (was raid leader in vanilla leading two 40man raids, then tbc and wrath). I consider myself somewhat new these days, but I know my rotations (just need practice), willing to learn and can pick up things fairly quickly.

Hit me up if I seem like a fit. Just wanting to make new friends and enjoy the game. No drama.