Xpoff in xpon bg's

I’m to lazy to comb over my own history like you seem to have time for but I don’t recall ever linking a profile of a twink and speaking ill of them. I have mentioned players who I miss because they were absolute beasts though.
I’ve also told you to get gear on your druid. :slight_smile:

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I don’t have a druid, but it is quite amusing to have people go ‘no proof, no proof!’ and then say stuff with no proof. Talk about ignorant players El? You don’t seem to go after Las much.

Brought to you buy the person who called people twinks because they used gliders>lol< its funny tho XD


How bold from someone who wants to say I have spoken ill of people and has no proof. Did you delete your druid in shame after it got banned from the absurd posts on the general forum? The ones saying all horde are terrible people? That’s too bad druids are fun.


They’ve also only played one game of WSG…
So, yeah! Such a Exploiter!

Adding this, since you’re oddly doing something you accused me of doing apparently that’s your intent. Same goes for talking about ‘any forum action’ that could have occurred. Not allowed to discuss it, in any capacity; or speculate on forum actions.

It is my intent. Point being linking others profile in poor taste is against the rules and makes it so nothing is done about issues. From you or any other person.

You’re backbeddle is strong now pup. You are glossing over large parts of the conversation trying to direct it in your favor and flat out lying about your previous posts and toons.
I don’t like people who lie and I don’t tend to waste my time with that kind. so I will be going now.




I have two toons. So not quite sure what you’re trying to insinuate, but only two characters have been made ever and neither are druids. So you’re making a claim, and making a rumor about someone. Which would make what your post is a liar, which as you stated would mean you dislike yourself and… won’t waste your time with yourself?


That general post she made was the best thread in a while lol


This thread got strange.


Not seeing it, and I am leveling several alts, 6 in fact.

Feel free to post something to back that up, I’m well over 50% W/L after ~100 BGs while leveling.


The update is tomorrow and I’m a little apprehensive. Do you think we’ve banged enough pots to turn Blizzards head to this issue/exploit?

In the time it’s taken to make these posts, they could have gotten lots of gear.


I do the same thing that guy does. I spend hundreds of thousands of gold on some of my toons as they level up just to give them the best of the best as they level. If you don’t believe me I can show you my rogue that I am leveling up.

Lets see it! I don’t “not believe you” but I am interested in how you manage to spend that much on leveling gear.

Its not something to brag about or be proud of really. I waste half my gold buying gear that I level out of.

I spend a few thousand gold and its more than acceptable for leveling.

What is it that you are spending so much money on? BoEs?


this one the belt alone cost 350k and I got the full set just waiting for him to level into it and when he levels out I will replace it.

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