Xmo: 2100+ Mage/Rogue WOTLK S6 2v2 Arena


Yawn mage/rogue basically free 2200. Easy braindead comp.

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Mage rogue is really no better or easier than feral/disc, hpal/warr, preg/dk, rogue/rogue, or ele/hpal.

Can’t watch the video atm but if this is the same Xmo as back in the day then I really enjoyed those videos back then especially the lock/mage ones. Glad to see people still making these even if the interest is way down from where it used to be.

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I’d argue that affliction lock/anything is more braindead than mage/rogue. Dot everything and afk while you do 6k dps and 1500 hps.

Mage Rogue has been the top 2v2 arena Comp every expansion… since original TBC…

Mage rogue priest top three 3v3 arena comp every expansion… since original TBC…

And blizzard can’t figure out why their subscriptions drop…

rogue mage is not even close of what it used to be
stop tripping guys


You must not PvP to actually think this. Mage/rogue has infinite CC, resets, and an MS effect. The only thing more cancerous than mage rogue is shadow priest/rogue.

I do PvP occasionally and my experience is that mage/rogue is quite rare this season and not even close to what it was in TBC in terms of power.

Since I only play 1 character it obviously skews my perspective a bit, but there are a lot of comps that seem much stronger and are easier to pull off than mage/rogue. Ele/hpal is a big one I despise and I didn’t mention it in my previous post but lock/healer can be infuriating as well. Preg/DK (the comp I play) also feels quite simple most of the time and is clearly more powerful overall than mage/rogue.


While that is a braindead comp, you can at least line the fears from a warlock. Can’t line freeze into counterspell into sheep into sap into blind into sheeps etc.

LOL you clearly aren’t very knowledgeable at all! Wrath RM is awful into so many meta comps. Maybe stay in your lane


Whatever you say LOL.

nice vid op. Gz on the rating.

dreamsphere is completely clueless

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what are you smoking? affliction lock is one of the hardest classes to play to a high level in 2v2

you sound like someone who hasn’t pvp’ed since 2007

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Yeah i’m only 2100 on one feral and 1900 on another. Ladder is absolutely full of mage/rogues (tons of rogues in general). I can see them struggling against DK comps and maybe preg/enhance, but unless the rogue is super bad they should just run over other comps until 2400-ish when brainpower is required.

everybody is at 2-2100 right now my guy
you arent a special snowflake
this is an almost fresh alt and is 2k already

and no, you barely see rogue mage in the ladder

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Oh okay. I guess the ladder you’re in is different than mine. 1700-1900 is literally nothing but mage/rogue, SPR, boomkin rogue, they’re everywhere.

2k + you face only preg teams, hpal, dks, virtually impossible for rogue mage to win

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As stated, thats the only comps i could see that comp struggling against, and no, that isn’t all you face. 2k+ is still game after game of rogue/whatever. I’d give anything to get a few preg/dk or warrior/hpal comps above 2k.

the only rogue comps i consistently see at 2k+ are double rogue and spr
i rarely see dpr
i face more boomkin rogue at 2k+ than rogue mage