X Game got PVP right!

Curious as to what happened to those games that got “PvP Right”? Why did they die out so fast?


Since they die out so fast, does this show the Devs that it is not worth investing time on PVP?

Has there been a PVP game that lasted (MMO) for more than one billing cycle ( Year)?

Beyond sad for me to see argument like this, as if this makes them proud of playing this game

Better to evaluate this game based off it’s own merits and not what has/hasn’t worked for others. Is there a large population of the game that enjoys PvP and does PvP help round out the game to be a better overall experience for all players? It brings in people who otherwise might not come for other content, those people help fill the world, they may end up participating on other content at some point, they generate revenue for monthly subs and xpac purchases, etc. There are ways both sides of the game (PvP and PvE) benefit and compliment each other that aren’t immediately apparent. All important things to consider before passing judgement on whether or not PvP is important to WoW.

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Dark Age of Camelot.
Had a very good balance of player skill and synergy required amongst teammates. Gear was very important, but was easy to acquire and required some farming if you didn’t have currency or friends.


Call of Duty. HotS. League of Legends
Heroes of Newerth.

Lots of good games but I think once developers run out of ideas they die out.

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I think guild wars 2 has great pvp, but they didn’t go far enough with it. The systems are fun but they never added an arena mode, only bgs.


This is a great example, as it was a profitable game and had very good pvp

why cant devs copy this model? I think it was 3 factions correct? Kinda balanced things

Although the arena model was not there was it?

so BG can have 3 realms or groups all fighting for control , very epic indeed

you think that players of now will enjoy this model?

I think they had an arena mode no? They had the quick jump in BG’s that never end and they had the arena one too

great game great design until they added mounts that can pretty much one shot players

I thought that Warhammer Online was pretty good. Unfortunately, the game engine couldn’t handle the number of players the game was designed to support and it would turn into an unresponsive slideshow in large open world battles.


I can sort of answer this by looking at guild wars 2, a game I was playing for a few months recently in my down time.

The answer basically comes down to while they do something right, they don’t do everything right and the stuff they don’t do right can drastically take away from the game.

For example, their pvp gearing is super awesome, starting at lvl 10 you can warp to the pvp area and choose your stats and abilities and can have the same power level as veterans of the game. This is super awesome!

The downsides are they don’t have arena type game play and it’s basically alterac valley every game. I hate objective based pvp and only like arena.

Another problem is the gameplay isn’t exactly my favorite type for pvp. So basically, many games get something right but screw up in other parts which kills the game.


I’m probably the old guy in the room but ultima online did everything right. There was no “arena mode” but every pvp fight had impact. The pvp combat was the most fun I’ve had playing online ever. Some of the most important items in game came from areas with forced pvp. The graphics are certainly outdated at this point but I logged in a few months ago and was surprised that the popular servers were still relatively populated. If you can get over the D2 style graphics its definitley worth checking out.

Edit: just to add UO was released in 1999 I believe, so it certainly lasted more than 1 billing cycle.

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Smash Brothers on the nintendo 64.


guild wars, guild wars 2

very different games but they both have zero power progression in pvp (instantly make a char & play) while keeping huge customizability, very standardized effects across all classes, cool interrupt systems, and daily & monthly automated tournaments

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warhammer online had amazing class design and made tanks useful outside of how much damage and healing they did. since there was unit collision they could block chokes, they could taunt players which made them do less damage to anyone else but them and had debuffs/buffs and all that. game overall had some flaws obviously since it was forced into release by EA 4-6 months before it was ready. but as an overall pvp experience its prob GW2. the structured pvp is and was great and deserved better than it got from the mmo pvp community.

Yugioh duel links has good pvp. You have special abilities and can make a desk put of 1000s of cards, the possibilities are endless.

I felt like swtor was really cool. It was very similar to wow with more z-axis combat which was fun. The open world pvp planets could have been cool too. Turns out the developers chose to use an unfinished game engine and it couldn’t handle anything beyond a 4v4 and all the z-axis mobility caused desyncs.

What could have been if it ran as smooth as wow

PvP is worth investing time because probably at least 50% of playerbase participate in it whether it is seriously or casually (random bg blabla)

WoW wouldn’t be so big without PvP for example. Imagine a World of Warcraft, all you can do is killing mindless npcs… My reason to play WoW has always been PvP personally otherwise it would be easily replacable.

Of course PvP must not be the only content a game can offer, variety is what matters, only thing I dislike about WoW PvP is it could’ve been much bigger community if it weren’t for stupid decisions related to gearing etc, especially BfA (!) caused PvP community to shrink. It is a miracle to have this many PvPers after all stupid decisions given by Blizzard related to PvP.


One of my saddest realizations while playing that game. I was so pumped for it being an old swtor nut. Just opening panels like your character panel cause a split second pause. Actually nutty how they could use such a bad engine. I fired it up recently and it still spases when you open something. What a joke.

Game went from awesome potential to a single player rpg for me :sob: the start was still kinda fun though, as with every MMO. Tons of people leveling and everyone as newb as each other.


Swtor had so much potential. I really tried hard to play it multiple times. Even used third party software made by some of the players to load more assets into ram to help it run smoother. It’s pretty bad when your players are developing software to help your game out.

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I don’t get this. The 2v2 and 3v3 deathmatch ranked pvp for guild wars 2 ended recently.
Yeah right now it’s conquest again until May 10, but those “arena-like” modes do exist/occur.

Also I was able to enter the pvp lobby after completing the tutorial which took less than 4 minutes after creating a character though that was last year. Unless they made an update that now requires level 10?

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All 4 games had excellent PvP outside of dumb crap like S5 or S12, and S9