X-45 Heartbreaker Mount Drop Rate Increase

This event is truly depressing. I’ve made a ton more alts for this year and will likely buy a new account for a second boosted attempt

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I have the alts already cause for a time i wanted to gain insight into every class and spec. But this thread was necro’d from feb 3rd! Anyone now posting got bamboozled!

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Necro’d? We keep this alive the whole year…We spoke up about the headless horseman before it was release and now proabably same idea implemented for HH will be used for Chemical. Co boss, just a Hard mode that didn’t help.

I won’t do that, too much money :dracthyr_cry_animated: but the time invested on this grind is practically money :grimacing: that shouldn’t be the solution…


Not necroed I’ve been asking the same question every week to chimes for over a year

Wait are collections shared between multiple WoW accounts on the same btag???

Yes they are, learn a mount or pet or mog on one and all the accounts have access.

Not sure if this is what you mean, but the second account doesn’t get the same 1 boosted chance per day. That 1 boosted chance is shared across the entire bnet despite paying for the game and sub separately as though it WAS a separate account…

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The plan that some players already tried this year and probably next year is to create 2 accounts but not on the same Bnet, then you can use the transfer character fuction with the mount in your bags without learning it, then you learn it.



Thanks I’m not to familiar with the process myself. So if I buy another copy of wow, I can’t just use my current account? I have to create a new Battle.net? I’m assuming that means registering with a new email etc then buying another copy of wow?

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You can technically do both, but I don’t see how making a new battle net would help as if the mount did drop then it won’t be connected to your main account. I have 2 WoW licences under my 1 battlenet, which means all mounts and pets and mogs are shared. However I don’t get the boosted chance for that second licence as it is considered 1 per day per account.

The point of the second account was to add more toons for more chances (brute force) as opposed to the boosted once per day drop (as far as I can see that’s never helped, i never got Ts charger during the d4 event on a ‘first kill of the day’ nor arfus for the HH so I wouldn’t put too much weight on the 'first kill of the day chance." It’s better to have all your WoW games connected on the one bnet just for the extra chances.

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Correct. (Could also run recruit a friend if you do go ahead to do this). If the mount did drop on the other battle.net account you would have to character transfer to learn though, it’s the way if you want a bonus chance per day. I’m torn. I do have a second battle.net with license. It could add up though in costs. Have a lot of extra accounts from WoD recruiting for mounts/pets well my friends and I did this to ourselves (even used to be this old video RAF yourself). Regardless there’s 8 licenses for WoW per battle.net you can have. If you do on the same bnet you could just learn the mount, less fuss. Granted the bonus chance per day is lost.

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The important part and feedback for Blizzard, Do you find this strategy as a good approach? Something that provides a benefit to this game?



But how can you transfer a toon from a different account to another different account, I thought that was only possible for within the same account?

Check Character Transfer service: https://us.shop.battle.net/en-us/product/world-of-warcraft-service-character-transfer

The Character Transfer service allows you to move characters to other realms, different World of Warcraft accounts, or from one Battle.net account to another. To transfer a character to another Battle.net account, both accounts must be registered under the same account holder name. It is not possible to transfer a character to another person.


There’s nothing about the item being in the bags, if you learn the mount, you’ll lose it.


Parents of under 18yr old players in WoW if their child had a toon they raised on their parents account which is legal now said Parent could transfer said child toon off their account too an child’s accounts once said child turned 18…

Wait that still exists!?!?!? I thought the ability to transfer characters between different bnets was done away with YEARS ago due to character selling or whatever? That’s crazy but honestly kinda cool that you can theoretically let a friend (or your kid) try the game on your account at your place for the full experience on your sub, then if they decide to commit they can just make their own account and transfer their toon over from you to them!

Edit: nevermind I see the response a bit above that highlights that both bnets need to be in the same account holders name


Well, I feel like the bob sponge meme…

Chimes acknowledge the issue during Love event 2022…then council proceed to provide TONs of feedback…

Solution is implemented without any Dev insight or follow up…We’ve the same issues in next holiday events… :man_shrugging: :man_facepalming:


Hi Linxy,

Can we get that “accumulative increase” for this mount too?

Continuing the discussion from Bad Luck Protection on Legendary Axe and How It Works:

If collectors looking for the mount had that kind of progression at least, then all the attempts until today would matter…


+1 for this idea.

If you can do it for an item that people won’t care about in 12 months then you can do it for a mount we’ve been chasing for 12 years.

If they added even 0.01% chance per kill then I’d have about a 25% chance to get the mount per kill by now. I’d be legitimately fine with them adding something like a 0.1% permanent increase to the drop chance per kill. That way if you ran it every day on 50 alts (which is just mental, that’s a minimum of 5 hours per day of farming but many people did it) you’d be getting an extra 5% chance to the drop rate. If you did the for all 14 days then you’d have an extremely good chance to get it in one year and be sure to get it the next if you had awful luck. And even if you just did it casually and did 5 characters, you’d feel like you were making progress towards it.

But at the BARE MINIMUM they should just bring the drop chance up to match the Headless Horseman. The 1/3,333 chance is just insanity. Another option would be some kind of “hard mode” like the HHM where you fight a legitimately challenging version of the encounter in order to have the boosted drop rate from that attempt.


I’m almost 100% sure that an Hardmode will be included for the next event but that’s still RNG, also We notice that Hardmode takes longer and it makes the process of doing 50+ attempts per day a bigger task, I know there’s a daily boost attempt but that doesn’t solve the massive RNG issue regarding this reward without any sort of BLP (via vendor or increase % like those legendaries). A lot of players tried the Arfus pet last hallow´s end event for 0 results and 0 progress towards that goal.

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Blizzard how about a response?