X-45 Heartbreaker Mount Drop Rate Increase

I’ve been totally agreeing with your posts/replies, but I didn’t realize you had such a sense of humor!

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actually, it is new. (comparitively).

if you’d been playing since day one, you’d be well aware that it used to be 5 instances per hour.


It isn’t “RNG” it is the people who set the insane drop rates.


Screw this particular holiday and mount drop :star_struck:


It’s truly sad that a game that’s like a decade newer came out with this BEFORE WoW did… WoW has always been synonymous with being reactive to other game’s good ideas, yet it sticks it’s head in the sand when the second best contender comes out with a novel idea.


Can the collector community get some replies too?

In my opinion the love rocket fix from 2023 isn’t working properly in order to address frustration among the community.

Besides that, We got another low drop % cosmetic as the manuscript.

Collectors didn’t receive this treatment of an increase % for each kill, We don’t have progress at all, We started every year with the same drop % as the previous year.

I’m afraid that the comming Noble Garden Event will have the same issues present on Hallow’s End and Love is in the Air updates with rewards.

Please address other parts of the community besides the end game and thanks for your response to the players looking for that Legendary, We need better reward systems withing a season and improvements overall when there’s RNG involve that could lead to a negative feeling towards the game.

I hope there’s a reply for us too, since this was mentioned on the Council live chat and also a post that Kaivax updated on that forum section.


I’ll check it out… if it’s this style again - desirable reward behind ridiculous drop rate - I’m done doing them. If I can get something I want with tokens, I’m happy to farm the event though.

I’m just not interested in this model any longer. A lot of new things in the game are equivalent to a slot pull and those that aren’t are drip fed so it takes weeks to acquire what you desire.

I don’t care for the time gated drip feeding or exceptionally low rng chances. Improve the rates on both and I bet folks won’t go away frustrated.

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Can’t help but notice blizzard put in a hot fix to immediately and retroactively adjust the drop rate and blp for the Lego axe.

So a hotfix blp drop rate to the legendary, a quick hotfix to the four world boss panderia mounts ….

Yet despite the previous promises that alt grinding a 1/3333 chance was not fun two years ago still not a peep from blizzard.

I was lucky enough to get it this year. My grind is over. I will continue to advocate for those unfortunate again this year, and now have to wait a full year for a chance at the love rocket Blizzard you had the opportunity in 2024 to fix it but chose to ignore all the feedback we have posted.


My concern isn’t only the love rocket that’s still an issue and they could have implemented an hotfix during the event…etc

There’s new holidays in the horizon like Noble Garden which will have a new mount, We don’t know if it comes from a vendor or a new activity with low drop %.

The idea of Hallow’s end changes was to provide feedback for next holidays, it feels like they didn’t change anything…now it should be time to use Love is in the air as feedback for next holidays…

We should have some replies, just like Kaivax provided one to the community looking for that legendary, there’s a lot of players that spent even more time that those players looking for that legendary but farming these holiday cosmetics.


Welp, this was a lie.

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I may of not gotten the rocket this year but overall I’m pretty happy with the stuff got from love is in the air and from the trade post. I’m prob be using them for the next year I love so much :dracthyr_heart:

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I did the dungeon more than once a day for 14 days and while I didn’t slam alts into it like I could have, I didn’t get the mount either.

This isn’t what a holiday should feel like.


I love you for this.
Even if we only seem to be screaming into the abyss.

*side note
Literally right as I hit enter to post this, Bad List by Ayria started playing and it starts with “Somehow it feels I’m getting more frustrated” and I just laughed going “Girl I know the feeling!!”


who wants the new Brown Loverocket - it is brown for unknown reasons

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Haha, that’s awesome.


Yes! I feel that rocket drops grealty increased but not for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I remeber we were able to see the rocket in the filed someone is riding it once in a few years only a long ago but it is now everywhere… :star_struck:


Another year, another disappointment. FIFTEEN YEARS of this. The drop rate increase post is a placebo; they didn’t do anything.


The drop rate is akin to bliz with the leggo drop rate they first had given out when killing Fyrak. Now it’s buffed that the bosses all drop the buff token and yet still you don’t get the leggo.

Put the mount on the vendor and let us buy it with the tokens from the event while still keeping the laughable drop rate increase for the daily chest.

This one guy on the guild has 50 level 70’s and was doing them every day this past event and he still didn’t get the mount to drop! That’s how terrible the increased rate is yet bliz will continue to ignore it.

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Pretty much. I suspect it was a smokescreen to try and placate us. It was a lie. Starting to lie more then Todd Howard.


what if you can build one