WW tierset bonus

40% dam on FoF?!?
Flat dam increase is just boring! Pleaseeee rework.
Suggestion-fof can not be channeled while moving but shoots gusts of air from the power of your fists (must be aimed similar to chi burst).
Could be fun! Not sure, will have to play with it.

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Welcome to the M O N K S A D N E S S club


I been apart of for a longgg time sadly : (


You can tell that the WW monk tier set bonus was the homework blizz forgot to do. They didn’t even name the set pieces man.


So here’s a fun little tidbit for people who think this is a bad change.

This change ALONE tells us that blizzard is going to be moving WW away from the Dance/SCK style and more into a fists style. Fists has underwhelming damage right now, and a BIG buff like this will turn the 4-5k ticks into 6-7k ticks, which is a substantial amount.

Odds are changes like this are going to be a side effect of Hit Combo getting buffed or some sort of talent being changed, possibly into Fury of Xuen.

Tier sets aren’t meant to be something that causes x ability to change with x thing, they’re meant to amp your abilities.

I have no clue what the 4 piece is but I bet it’s something stupid like a damage increase, so heres to Venthyr WW in 9.2 being the meta!

Edit: Read the 4pc. Interesting 4pc tbh, most likely this furthers the idea of a Keefers/Venthyr build with serenity/hit combo

PLEASE Rework the WW Monk set. It does NOT look fun. :frowning:

I like the 2pc but dislike the 4pc.

The 2pc should honestly just be a hotfix. FoF’s damage is pitiful as is.


That 4pc is overly complex bs. You want people to download rotation add-ons? Because this is how you do it.

I feel like there was a disconnect somewhere.

How so? \10char

I don’t even know what the 4 set is.

It’s not gonna be that difficult, you’re just going to hold onto RSK and FoF if you’re close to 10 stacks. We already have a lot of downtime, it shouldn’t be hard to play around. It also may potentially be crazy strong.

The real question is, are people going to like the gameplay? Personally I’m cautiously optimistic, but I haven’t enjoyed these types of mechanics in the past.

Players don’t really like to hold cooldowns. And you could make this tier set easier to use by just making it buff your next 3 FoF, RSK, SCK, WDP.

Oh right. I mean it looks very promising, but execution is probably gonna be annoying. We’re gonna have to time things and possibly throw off rotation by a second or two AND this kinda encourages fishing for DoCJ procs even more.

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But that’s the rub, they could just make it not do that. Which would be nice.

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Yes. Yes they could. Honestly, I think I’d rather have the FoX anima power effect in WW again. Either as baseline, or talent, or a tierset. We need stuff to reduce clunk/downtime in our rotation, not one that possibly fudges it more.

What’s this?

Fury of Xuen?