WW Spec Dev Doesn't Know How Spec Works

  • Developers’ note: We are continuing to monitor the set bonus and the feedback around it. As the auto-attack trigger was not accomplishing the intended goal of providing Windfoot only during lulls and quiet points in the rotation, we’ve updated the bonus to trigger off all melee ability damage and normalized trigger frequency.

There are no lulls in the windwalker rotation. It is global capped. The dev simply does not play the spec and is unaware how it plays in the most recent tier.


It’s not GCD capped all the time, some of it depends on the talents and situations. You should’nt be GCD capped during AOE without having Serenity up. Being totally GCD capped in ST is more common, but still not 100% of the time unless you’re getting decent luck with Dance of Chi-Ji procs or very poor luck with Teachings of the Monastery resets.

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I definitely feel like there are lulls where I am alternating tiger palm and blackout kick between sun kicks and fof …

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There is obviously no developer working on this spec.


exactly this… whens the windwalker rework 13.0?


I see your “No developer working on this spec” and I raise you a “No developer even played this spec that is why they keep giving us stuff that works for rogue not realizing we are not rogues”.


My R1 3minute mythic kazarra log has effectively 0 empty GCD’s.

The damage profile is also constructed in such a way that irrelevant filler buffs accomplish nothing meaningful damage wise.

As tuned WW will use current tier and class trinket even on mythic farm, and upping proc rates or CD will not change that fact


Lulls in intensity but not lulls in GCDs

You guys should be happy it’s overall a good change.

There was feedback here that our melee abilities stop during certain abilities thus lowering the proc rate; therefore the changed it to all melee abilities

That is actually a great sign that the dev is trying and actively viewing the forums potentially so let’s step up our feedback game

Overall it could be a good tier set bonus as I have mentioned if tuned to a sufficient proc rate

On top of that, it seems that numerous people have suggested that it needs help to be differentiated from Dance of Chiji Proc (we love you Chiji)

It would be cool if the dev could coordinate a ui proc difference between the 2

Either way, even if there is a small inefficiency where you might get the free spinning crane kick from tier at the same time as a Dance of Chi Ji proc, the overall number of free chi spenders is what is significant about the tier set bonus — because if the tier bonus provides us with enough free chi spenders to proc a significantly more number of Dance of Chi Ji procs, this will be an awesome bonus where we are spinning to win baby!

Furthermore, there has yet to be discussion around where Tiger Palm fits in the rotation, since it can cause Blackout Kick to cleave in addition to shadow boxing treads. It would be cool if this would be important on ST but not AoE

So to summarize:
The proc chance on free SCK tunes our AoE damage for 10.2
The damage bonus for BOK tunes our ST damage bonus.

To make us good in ST, it could be cool to make a Rotation to Tiger Palm multiple times then SCK to trigger Mastery before BOK multi strike with empowered BoK.

cause it will be good for the game and bring back players lol

Dance of Chi Ji is RPPM. Casting more spenders doesnt have much to do with anything.

The new tier sucks and a higher procrate doesnt help

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Its worse than that… Like, this show’s that Blizzard has ZERO internal tools to use when it comes to initial class design and any form of rudimentary balancing. It’s so blatantly obvious they are just throwing crap against a wall and seeing what sticks. Look Ion, if you need help writing a combat bot to test some of these stupid ideas… or are you still going to brag that all single target spec’s are within 10% of each other and that all aoe spec’s are within 10% of each other.

The new set is still a dps loss from the current set on the PTR even without the 13 ilvls. For me, it’s kind of sad but there are even bigger issues like the lack of benefit a WW gets from being in a group. Lust doesn’t mean jack S*&^ for us, we never get PI, we don’t get enhance shammy totems, and the math still isn’t in our favor if we happen to get buffed by an aug (aug buff’s still = ~10% nerf to us) not to mention our scaling is non-existent.


Mate, it’s worse than that. They did this for the 10.1 tier set too. They had it proc off auto-attacks, everyone told them why that is dumb specifically for WW, and so they changed it.

Then they just re-did it again like 5 months later.


They do have internal tools, the issue of course is I doubt the APL writing is particularly good for pending changes.

Working more proactively with selective players would likely be beneficial, but competence is rare

I’ve been saying for years. They need to hire one of us old monks to sit in on the dev meetings. They could even 3rd party contract anyone of us to zoom call in and when they are throwing these ideas around tell them how that won’t work and why it won’t work.

Since it is obvious no one at blizzard plays the Windwalker spec, otherwise they would know we hate a.i. clones/statues, we don’t have free gcd’s for procs on free moves, and don’t auto attack. But they keep giving us all of those things.

And lets not forget our tier set art has been trash for a while now. At this point they should just start knocking of the outfits from MK and SF game. Then at least we would look like martial artist and not poor man rogues.


There’s a few reasons why a 3 minute fight isn’t indicative of the whole. There is a problem of missing free GCDs to use more abilities, but we’re not at a point of being GCD locked more often than not.

Yes we are, especially with the new tier set.

if this isn’t true you simply aren’t playing properly. The actual time spent “waiting” in a sim is 1-2 seconds with ~3 seconds of FSK. Even minimal downtime means there is no rotation wait. Sarkareth and echo are long fights with basically 0 down time when active on a target.

There is no room in the rotation for the CDR being put forth in the next tier. This is a basic fact if you go test the tier set. WW does not need any more cdr unless chi generation drastically improves on a per button basis.


ww is the most fun spec in the game. i dont understand people asking for reworks. i’ve played it since legion and i really think this is the best version minus the ToD sniping and any iteration of bdb.


I think they are trying to avoid having optimal gameplay to just be spamming SCK.

i think that’s the issue actually, being a fun spec and not being rewarding becuase this game is all about the numbers you do on your details or logs, and guess what, this fun spec is usually at the bottom.

and seems like the mayority of people asking for reworks are actually playing pve, mostly raiding mythic or trying to push high m+ keys, if you do low dps, but not because you’re bad, is just that other classes are tunned to do more dmg than you in st, aoe or cleave, you will not get priority to get you in the rooster or invited to do a m+

so at the end of the day you can think what ever you want, you can enjoy ww as it is right now, but probably if you’re doing end game stuff, probably you wont get the chance to play the game, because no one is going to invite a low dmg profile spec

and to be honest this kind of posts saying, “why is people asking for a rework ww is fine”, “if no one invites you to do m+ do your own key”, “ww has 3 specs right ? just swap spec not big deal”, those kind of comments are just trolling so hard, but you might get a serious question so i’m trying to answer that


Bro to hear you talk do you even windwalker?

I mean I run lots of keys on my monk and am always close to top dps. You could say that I’m playing with bad people but all I do it pug. So the laws of randomness would say i at some point in life meet a player who can beat me if I am really that low by design spec.

Truth is windwalker is in a good mythic slot now, and in a decent raiding spot. And if any guild turns you down it’s not because you are a monk.

What you mean to say is no top world guild would take you, and honestly even then that might hold some truth. But to hear you talk you act like no windwalker has ever cleared sark mythic. Which just isn’t true

The truth is while yes we could use more single target damage, we are only about 5-10k dps behind the s tiers? If that 5-10k dps stops your raid from being able to down a boss, then your raid has bigger issues.

With that being said I would like to get rid of the statues etc, just because I don’t like them.

Windwalker clearly is below average in raid and M+, that isnt really arguable, especially if the new tiers comes out as is given WW is going to be down grading tier and trinkets