Wtf with cinematis full of *sigh, hugh, ah*

I quite liked this short story.

I’m happy that there’s short stories to help fill in the downtime story details that wouldn’t work well as in-game scenes, and I like getting to flesh out the main story characters and their relationships.

I’m also happy that the storywriters aren’t leaning into the “make Turalyon a foaming Light zealot” theme that so many people seem to think he already is or demand that he become. I quite like his depiction as a person who’s always striving to do good, and succeeds 99% of the time, but sometimes has to guess at what the good thing is and has his own biases from his experiences and past. Frankly, I think that’s the best state for major faction-aligned characters, because they’re still great heroes, but players/characters have opportunities to disagree with them and not get browbeat by the story over it.

I’m looking forward to what character details and setting details the other short stories will bring.

Darnassus was a valid target.
Teldrassil was functionally one of the Japanese/Hawaiian Islands in terms of overall size.

I can’t think of any real world equivalent, certainly not a recent one, where an entire nation-state suffered for the crime of simply existing in the same space as a valid military target. Nope. Nothing happening like that in reality at all right now.

Well to be fair we were aiming at Darnassus. That pesky tree just got in the way.

this thread is proof that the scarlet crusade honestly was right

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Destroying Darnassus was a terrible act that had to be punished with an equally terrible consequence.

So Night Elves did the cruelest thing they could possibly think of and made Calia Menethil leader of the Forsaken.


Now that is truly devious and evil. Respect.

I’ve been playing this game off and on for 20 years, and to this day I’m still trying to figure out where Calia came from/when she was first seen in-game. Because it feels like she just manifested, fully formed as a Light based Undead, in Legion.

She was a living character for all of Legion up until the pre-BfA events where she died, but I believe she only showed up in the Priest order hall campaign.

I don’t think she had appeared in-game prior to that. However, she was in the Arthas novel that was published in 2009.


It’s also a lot of fun that when Calia showed up in Legion, she specifically said that she had no interest in leading Lordaeron. Which is silly.


Something about undeath does interesting things to someone’s ambition. There aren’t any undead I know who are cool with just hanging out. They all have to been Queen of something, dark lord of something else, at the very least a mushroom vendor.

Sure, living Calia was cool with being a regular priest, but undead Calia is another matter entirely.

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*Raises hand. *

Fleet Admiral of the Elysium Council Monsignor Rakham, Viscount of Meresti.

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My man Morley Bates did not die in the Siege of Lordaeron to take this slander!


Maybe Forsaken should have ambition for some people skills.

I have people skillets. That’s close, right?

At least he made something of himself during those years of suffering and torment

I must ask whether or not Morley Bates and Thomas Bates are canonically related.


Tbh with hindsight i wish she’d said “I’ll be dead before i lead Lordaeron again” so we could at least do a slight nose exhale then type “lol”.


In the canon of my headcanon, Morley is Thomas’s uncle, because it’s fun to be connected to minor NPCs.


Like seriously I cant believe people did not like this. I feel like this is the first time in a long time we have WoW characters talking like they are actually real people instead of some cheesy middle school play.
I absolutely loved this cutscene and hope they lean more into the realistic dialog in the future.


I believe you are referring to the captions? The ones in asteriks convey emotions and expressions for those with accessibility concerns most likely.

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