Wtf with cinematis full of *sigh, hugh, ah*

Broooo Have you looked at the new cinematic with Khadgar and alleria? It’s like some of the dragonflight ends, it’s getting annoying all the “ah, ah, ugh, sigh, hehe”. Isn’t it? What’s going on with cinematics?


Characters displaying normal human emotion and expressing themselves appropriately in conversation? :scream:

It was a good cinematic, glad to see they nerfed Khadgar’s social skills in the new patch. The emotions involved were complex and multifaceted, due to the history between the two characters, and the way the void has complicated things. It was neat xD

I will say this though: Khadgar pronounced “Council” (referring to the Council of Six, the ruling body of Dalaran) like “Consul” and it bothers me for some reason.


Oh… um… ah… yeah… er… well *sigh * I guess you can’t do anything wrong if you don’t do anything at all. Or… uh… mm… something like… eh… that.


Why do they all look like themselves, but not like themselves?

I’ve always thought the story of this game was mediocre at best but I think I finally gave up on it. I didn’t check this cinematic and have zero interest in doing so. Not a conscious decision, even, just a natural total lack of intrigue.

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I thought I was the only one who heard that?

But yeah, this was a quiet moment between two friends, and Khadgar kept putting his foot in his mouth because normal conversation is hard to do when your friend has the soul of a Void-touched Naaru inside of her and has spent a thousand years fighting alongside Alien Super-Warriors. Khadgar’s a 60 year old in a body that was magically aged by, well, 40-60 years by a Dark Titan-puppeted Guardian, and even with the longevity that magic-use grants, Khadgar’s old.

Hell, he even checked out the Shadowlands as much for his own interests as to improve the Dalaran archives. He knows his time is finite and he’s been pushing that envelope for decades now. I was hoping that Khadgar had been MacBeth’d and would be rendered immortal by dint of the Curse that aged him, but I guess even Khad the Warcraft Dad can’t escape the ravages of time and old age.


He’s just saying “council” with a bit of emotion in American English. Would sound different in… Australian. You forced my hand and made me watch part of it haha.


The cinematic was well done because it made me want to shake my screen and go “YOU’RE BOTH FRIENDS YOU CAN TALK TO EACH OTHER!” I love a big flashy cinematic as much as the next person, but cinematics like this one and like Alexstrasza meeting with Vyranoth are what give the big flashy scenes their meaning. The quiet moments matter, and Dragonflight more than any other expansion has really shone in well done quiet moments. Sitting with Veritistrasz is going to stick with me the rest of my life, I’d wager.


fr fr no cap? On god!

This was actually the first one of these cinematics in a long time not to use the conversational timing they nearly always use like

You will not get away with this
Zoom in slightly to the other person


There are so many instances of that timing just in the in-game cinematics- never the high end CG ones. I’m not sure why they make the characters talk like that so often but it’s become kind of a tradition!


I want to respond to most people in this thread so…

The cinematic was fine.

Truly awful there can be emotion that isn’t “I am angry!” in my world of warcraft.

Definitely character animation changes. They are more fluid and synced up now.

tbf, He hasn’t seen her in awhile and the voices that even the best mages in the world can’t figure out are going on. And his first bit of small talk ended with her saying she can’t be near her family. It’s a very weird time.

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I definitely felt for Khadgar and Alleria. We’ve all been that friend who’s wanted to say something to someone in pain but not wanted to drop the cliche phrases everyone hates. Khadgar trying to be a comfort to an old friend is <3

And poor Alleria - at least she’s separated from her tyrant husband. The more I think about their situation, the more it feels to me that Blizz hit him with the villain bat the moment he chose to obey the Naaru and lock his wife away. That was nothing short of abusive. Between this scene and Genn not trusting Turalyon, I’m almost certain his raid boss status is assured.

I feel like Khadgar looking a little different might be chalked up to a different artist. I noticed the phrasing but didn’t really mind it.


im still suspicious that hes behind the recent Scarlet activities

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Refresh my memory on this part? I don’t recall that.

That would be an amazing twist tbh

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To my great shame I googled “consul” just in case there was a character or role I missed. Then I watched with subtitles. My Australianism strikes again!

I thought the cinematic was incredibly uncomfortable and I did not like it one bit. I felt it would have been better to have been a scene in a novel where we can have context and inner thoughts as to why they’re being so uncomfortable and odd. Nothing about that scene hyped me up for the tiny bit of info it gave.


Yeah. You should see the names I get on coffee cups here due to my NYC accent. I even had a lady at a lobster roll pop-up call out my order for “Charlemagne”. My name is one damn syllable wtf. ((edit: and it’s not Charles lmao))

Can confirm I’d pronounce that as cown-sul :smiley:

It’s in the Gilneas questline where Genn gets a lead on where Anduin is but doesn’t want Turalyon to know. If he trusted Turalyon, why would he say that?


I thought that it was fine. Not good, not bad, just fine.