WTB - Beta Invites

Your name makes a lot more sense… I guess Innocencekiller was too long.

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The beta is for testing not for playing in the typical sense. I wouldn’t need other people to play with to go out and try to find bugs.


well, the stress test was highly enjoyable and it only lasted 2 days, some people even payed simply to play those 2 days


Because 80% of the content has not been properly tested… thats why…

So does that make me the drunk forum uncle that speaks nonsense and derails threads, and on occasion makes sense enough for people to be shocked it came from me?

Yes it does.

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(to be fair, I’m pretty sure most of my nieces and nephews would probably say I am that uncle anyway…not just on forums LOL)

Yeah i’m sure you want to “test” the beta. Get out of here, you want early access like everyone else… go beg for beta somewhere else.

I think you just like trolling the forums telling people they are asking for beta. It’s not early access if your character gets deleted and you have to start over. Try harder.

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Yes. Because its not like addons existed since day 1 release.

Thoughts like this are why you won’t last in classic.

LOL someone is salty they’re not in the beta

make Blizzard an offer
I know it will take more than a 5 year subscription, but you may start there.

I’m curious if they’ve fixed all or most of the reported bugs/glitches but haven’t updated the Beta servers yet. I’d hope Blizzard wont release a half busted game in worse condition than Pservers.

1st only because addons were in classic doesnt mean every addon was in classic and especially wasnt used by the majority.
2nd i played on countless private servers and also started back in classic. i will last and still hate addons.

I’d love to be in the Classic Beta. Yes I enabled that option in my account, every day I watch for either an email or something in my launcher that says I’m accepted, but, nothing. Please let more people in!!

Saying you played on pservers isnt really that impressive. As it’s common knowledge that 99% of data on pservers are wrong.

99% lol? The stupidity is strong in you Clad, going to guess you were a nay slayer for all these years.

Slow Clap

/end thread.

Bete ends July 12th


What a nonsensical thing to say.