WSG the New Meta?

Will WSG become the new Meta? you can make 100k + a day running WSG with a Prem vs relying on Pugs to win AV.
I stopped ranking at 10 because i couldn’t stand running AV but if WSG provides more consistent honor per hour then why would anyone run AV?

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I hope so.


Another thought. If you want WSG Rep i would start farming it now before Prems end up farming you.

Assuming you want to pug WSG which would become too difficult.

Lol now alliance players actually have to play the game instead of auto running to drek. Hilarious meta change.


Already exalted homie


Wrong, enjoy your 1 hour av q times. No one will play now.


If no one is playing, wont the queue times go down?

Aside from rep farm why would Ally do AV?

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Be pretty funny if queues for alliance for av skyrocket due to the chances :joy:

Yes, we can only hope the meta will correct it self back ton WSG where it always belonged. Not saying ranking in WSG is impossible for the lower skilled players, but it will become painfully obvious to your teams when someone is under performing.

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Its supposed to be a sandbox to mess around in and kill time with PvP with hot-spots to focus player interactions. Some times, the act of playing the game reward enough.

Not for horde

Play wsg while waiting for av. Boom mic drop.

You mean just play wsg, av will be a 1hr q I bet.

The q times exist because more horde are queuing than ally you dummy. These changes will alienate ally from av and increase the horde q. Grats.


You can que for av and play wsg. Probably get 3 wsg games in while waiting for av to pop. Horde do this all the time now. Longer av que just means more wsg games while waiting or it will mean premade vs premade in wsg and ruin gy camping.

Either way it affects alliance more than horde because alliance has the instant ques.

It will have zero impact on ally que as I just explained.

Wait, wiping entire Horde raids outside Drek, or when they recall to the keep, or charge us anywhere isn’t playing the game? People keep telling us premading is so easy and mindless and takes no skill. All kinds or crap to justify their hate for it. We don’t auto run to Drek. We kill everything that gives honor on the way, including sometimes up to 300 HKs from horde in a 15 minute game and THEN we kill Drek. But ok.

In all these threads you mention, were we talking about 15 minutes games or 6 minutes…? Kind of an important difference…