Wrath of the Lich King Classic Season 5 Ends January 9

The first Wrath Classic PvP season will be ending at 10:00 p.m. for each region. In this region, Season 5 will end at 10:00 p.m. PST on January 9 (1:00 a.m. EST, January 10).

During maintenance on January 10, Arena Points costs for Deadly Gladiator gear will be halved, and rating requirements will be removed from Deadly gear. Savage and Hateful Gladiator gear will become available for Honor only, and their Honor cost will be reduced. When Arena Season 6 begins at a later date, the normal conversion of Arena Points to Honor will occur.

Good luck fighting to the finish!


add RDF



All arena points converted to honor? So it’s safe to assume we won’t have a week of discounted gear like in tbc ?


How is the honor converted? Via tokens by mail I hope?!?!


they zero out your arena points and convert the AP down to Honor.

Please add RDF


Are you going to remove the rating req on deadly gear and put it on sale with arena points prior to the arena to honor point conversion? Similarly to what you did in TBC?


Evening Bornakk

In previous seasons there has been a window of time where players could use their arena points to purchase gear for discounted rates, and without rating restrictions before it was converted to honor points. Is that tradition not continuing for this season?


RDF isn’t happening. Ever. Move on folks.

Thanks for the update Bornakk :slight_smile:


i got a singular word for you. No.

for a further explanation on why i’m saying No.

please look at retail. they gave us meaningfully and impactful talents again. they also opted to side step the expansion mission board. pretty sure beating them over the head gets us where we want to go. So absolutely F-ing Not.


Only time players will move on is when wrath is over , get used to it.


Well get used to wrath without RDF because we aren’t getting it.


Is there going to be the normal discount period with rating requirements removed?


if we don’t get it. then we don’t get it. But i refuse to stop bashing them (the wrath plus team) over the head with RDF add it.

oh, btw, if they can get us to stop complaining about one of their dumb mistakes. then they can continue to get away with bad and stupid decisions. they tried this for 2 straight expansions and they got obliterated by the players.


Do you give up for everything else in your life?

I will not give up , especially because not only will it improve everyone’s game it will also bring new players that refuse to play this game because this joke of a tool we have.

They either need to bring back the rdf tool or start improving the current tool, it’s horrible and it could improve in many ways.


If you feel so passionate about it, then it’s in your best interest to direct your opinions to the appropriate threads. This isn’t the place to talk about RDF. The first response to a thread regarding season 5 ending is about RDF. This just makes people look and sound desperate.
Discuss this in the appropriate threads.


No, to this.


I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. But giving that option out is a stance we cannot take. sorry but when you give blizzard that out. they will opt to do so and give the most minimal effort. I say we should demand both. no reason we can’t have the current set of tools. both RDF and LFG. and have them refine LFG. but at this point the LFG tool is a fail. Also i don’t see how they will be able to improve the tool.

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how about yes lets implement it.


painfully obvious wrath arena issues such as arena point gear cost and rating requirements, and most importantly the inability to group and queue with people cross realm

was entirely intentional to hopefully funnel people into DF.

if you’re not on faerlina or benediction then you have no choice of finding and pushing higher rating

participation for wrath arena is hilariously bad, please do something about this otherwise there’s no point in even doing anything arena related on wotlk and its better to literally play retail for arena in every aspect.