Wrath of the Lich King Classic Season 5 Ends January 9

I agree with you, but hear me out, you could also view it this way. (Politics)

what if…

They “Didn’t” implement rdf officially and instead of they improved the current tool by implementing things like, instant teleportation, gold bonus per dungeon ran, emblem bonus per emblem ran…blablabla.

Any plans on fixing ranged weapons with the item level buffs?

To give context to the question

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Counter thought. No.


Counter thought. Yes,


Rdf does not fit with the design goals of wotlkc. You can dislike that all you want. But that is the current truth of the matter.


Counter thought. Yes, lets implement it.


You’re statement is total fake news, there’s a reason they implemented it on wrath on 3.3.5 and there also a reason why the highest population in wows history is in the same patch. The game is literally designed around RDF , it provides a better leveling experience for all players and encourages geared characters to actually play in dungeons by providing gold, free emblems and multiple achievements as well as pets like the perky pug , they learned this back then 10 years ago and they are acting with insanity by expecting a different result yet they are taking the same steps they did 10 years ago.


umm actually it does. they’re making the wheel. nuff said. oh and at this point its not wotlkc its wotlkp.


Why would you make the same mistakes when given the option to do things again?.

because it wasn’t a mistake. the mistakes that were given to the player base was faction and server transfers. thats like giving a monkey a gun. yet they put those paid services back in.

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They are making a mistake by not implementing rdf from launch.


And yet they chose to leave it out of wotlkc. Because it would go agaist their design intentions of the classic series. Maybe because it would feel to similar to retail? Maybe because it makes content consumption happen much faster? Maybe because they want to preserve a more social environment that the lack of rdf encourages?

There is a lot of reasons for it to not be added. You can not like the reasons, but that doesnt mean they dont exist. But i dont want to derail this thread any further, so there you go.


Do you play in any low population realms? There is no social environment, if anything rdf gives you a chance to play with way more players from 1 - 80. That argument has always been an excuse. The only real time where it’s a true “Social environment” is when the servers are launched and everyone is doing dungeons.

RDF literally has an achievment that encourages you to play with a 100 different players you haven’t played with in the past?
Currently there is no reason at all to do a dungeon, they are making the game worse.


Played on smolderweb. Made a lot of social connections. Only reason i am on whitemane now is because that is where most of my friends went.

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no discount week just straight to honor uh?

sounds retarded.


again its not wotlkc. because if it was classic it would be the classic experience. in its entirety. what does that mean? oh right RDF. sorry, your argument is invalid. content consumption? what content? heroic dungeons? bro. heroic dungeons are literally main course’s to the appetizer. they should always and forever be salad or soup to the meat and potatoes. anyone that suggests anything different than that is a fool.

are you drunk or high? perserve what social environment. this is quite literally a strawman. there are no social environments with LFG system. NONE the current systems offer little to no Social environment. and the social environment was totally mistaken from Vanilla and wrath. anyone that suggests that there is a social environment in normal or heroic dungeons is out of their depth and have been for ages. most i’ve seen is yo, how’s everyones day. everyone responds good. the social commentary dies there. literal strawman stop it. just stop.

one of which you listed is a pure and simple strawman just stop.


Vanilla classic was not a carbon copy of vanilla. Nor was tbcc. Expecting eotlkc to be a carbon copy after seeing the other two was a pipe dream at best. They also annoynced before wotlkc came out that there would be no rdf. So there was no suprise about it not being there.

I’d like to state that I throughly enjoy your current outlook on not implementing RDF. I personally am under the opinion that it is a good idea to keep it out of wotlk classic.

I would like some clarification on the actual topic of the post. There are no discounts, and will the honor be capped at my honor cap? If I am currently honor capped, will I have to spend all of it or will it be fine?


You’re just getting baited. They’re the new Wall of No trolls.


i never expected it to be a 1:1 wrath experience. but they are fundamentally trying to recreate the experience of wrath. if they did indeed gave us a nerfed version of ulduar back in what 09? then fine lets get that original non-neutered ulduar. but removing features that were is bad form. much like trying to replace said feature which i’m absolutely against with a new feature in heroic +. it is still bad form. they are reinventing the wheel. its no longer in the spirit of classic. its now just wrath plus. classic ceases to be part of its name. they’re now taking it in a totally different direction. than it was. thats why its not wrathc. its wrathp. i also like p because we’re about to see how piss poor they are at managing the best expansion this game has ever had.

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