Wrath Beta in July-September

so your saying a 3-4 month sunwell raid?..whats the point of that?

thats 20 lock outs of sunwell if you include the 4 weeks of prepatch.
20 raids of 6 bosses.

Laughs in retail.
Cries in classic.

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4 months has been pretty common for TBC and like we’ve said, it’s 6 bosses, not 15

it just depends when sunwell cones out then.

You mean thursday?

im still going to say oct/nov

We’ll see, don’t see them having sunwell for that long, they’ll lose a lot of subs.

Not a chance… naxx was far larger than sunwell and had the drive of people that never saw it. Sunwell was a pieced together nightmare of a raid to keep people distracted from wrath being late. They won’t be fooled again.

considering from the PTR we know that sunwell is harder than anything we’ve seen since Nax, I hope it lasts awhile, most guilds likely wont have it down in the first month, its harder than SSC prenerf from talking to the folks running it in the PTR. Considering that until SSC nerf only about 30% of guilds had gotten lady Vash, and that that Sunwell is harder overall, I’d say Sunwell sohuld last a bit, honestly Black Temple and Hyjal could have been shorter.

It’s six bosses and they’ll like nerf it after a month/month and a half, doesn’t need to be as long as Naxx.

I’m a little confused on this this where do we get confirmation that the Beta for Ralph was going to be in September or July ?

Was this interview that I missed because to the best of my knowledge they are going to be doing Beta soon Not 3 months in to sunwell If if anything they need to get it out as soon as possible as soon as they get sunwell out.

I mean assuming Ralph is going to come out in October which I think a lot of people think that at this point that’s going to be literally 6 months of sunwell.

If they go by the original timeline which for those that don’t remember we had about 4 months of naxx.

We would be looking at a August released For wrath depending on how long the pre patches for the record I still think they should go at 6 weeks of pre patch.

But yeah there’s an interview that I’ve missed I’m honestly curious please tell me

Idk when the Ralph beta is going to be, but Holly Longdale said the wrath beta would be up in 2-3 months during an interview.

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I mean to be fair 2 or 3 months if we’re in sunwell for 4 months is not a bad time frame I mean I say get the Beta out as soon as you can.

And this is gonna sound a little bit biased but yeah let’s people see how bad it’s gonna get without RFD I think people have this thought their head how much better it’s gonna be and they’re quickly going to figure out yeah this actually sucks it’s going to be tbc.

Except the toxicity is going to be way worse Because it’s going to be gearscore without the random option so even less people are going to be able to jump into content before the game even starts.

so what the point of a 4 month raid then?

They’re listening to the wrong people if they’re keeping rdf out of Wrath.


That’s exactly what I am saying… There is no point and highly unlikely it will be a thing

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Pre-Patch will either start by first week of September or already be started. General pace for TBC patches has been 15-18 weeks each.

You are right, they are using the newer pet logic. That wasn’t introduced until patch 3.2 where pets would always attempt to be behind the target. Bright side, once we are in wrath, it will be on the correct pet logic if we are using a 3.3.5 client.

the people with nothing else to do for 4 months mite raid just cause but classic tbc is pretty much over.