Wrath Baby

Because it was part of wrath for 49% of the game


Agreed min maxing the fun out of the game sucks for the community as a whole.

Yea doesnt mean they have to add rdf in phase 1 when ICC wasnt out.
They started the tbc patch with a late one didnt mean we could just walk to the Sunwell area and start doing dailies.

People can raid and play other chars and do things outside of raid.

I guess you’re not even playing the game because random BGs aren’t in.

The Random Battleground option can be found in the Battleground tab of the PvP frame and is only available for level 80 characters at this time.

Try again. It was never available to lvl 70s, and blizzard themselves said it’s only being hidden from level 70s, not removed from the game.


Sounds like Blizzard dropped the ball when the final patch is 49% of the entire expansion.

This despite the art asset free Naxx and minimal art asset ToC.

For those whose total focus is on raiding that’s true. But lots of players enjoy leveling alts. While I was raid logging with my main I was have lots of fun leveling alts. The rdf was a big part of that.


That doesn’t invalidate their experience.


Dual spec wasn’t added till later too. Guess we should take that away.


And marks of honor weren’t taken away till 3.3.3. Guess we should add those back in.


LOL it was there when the last expected raid came out and just stayed that long on wrath cause we were stuck without an expansion for over a year.

I would be ok with that.

Never said it did

isn’t it actually 3.4?

a whole minor version above the patch that RDF was released with.

still have no clue why RDF is not included.


That’s fine.

Works for me.

Wrath isn’t Classic WoW.

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oh, so we’re gonna have ICC on release?

It’s a bad comparison to make because Blizzard picks things to arbitrarily release early or late - and in this case, not at all.