WQ rewards changed when flying into zone?

This seriously needs to be fixed because after a certain point while doing heroic dungeons to gear up, some slots simply won’t drop as upgrades, so WQ rewards would help to fill in those gaps such as trinkets/rings/neck if they won’t drop for you

Happens with the companion app too, shows one thing, get in game and the rewards have either downscaled or are completely different.

I am at 187 and yesterday saw a 171 wq and also saw a 158. Neither where of any use.

Ok, now I am really p*****. I just got the renown 10 upgrade for Venthyr. Had a 158 helm WQ on the map. Completed it and got 148.

Fix the damn scaling. Because at this point after getting screwed out of an upgrade TWICE in 24 hours I’m done doing gear WQs.

EDIT - I just looked at some other WQs I had tracked to do. 2 Trinkets at 151 when I left Sinfall now show 148 on both. This is getting infuriating.

I have no doubt it’s a bug that the reward shown on the map and the one you get are different. However, we can’t know which is true until they acknowledge the discrepancy.

Prior to the prepatch, my newly leveled characters could slap on Benthic gear, buy a 400 weapon, trinkets, and rings, and start doing quests with an ilvl of 375. Within a couple of lucky days (and maybe a few dungeon carries from my characters on a different account) they would have an ilvl of 420.

This character leveled up to 50 the morning of prepatch day. Benthic gear and purchased rings and trinkets brought me up to ilvl 68. World quests and emissaries were both showing ilvl 60 rewards, and since my lowest ilvl piece of gear was 66, it would not have been even theoretically possible to get upgrades.

With normal dungeon gear 72, heroic 78, and mythic 85, it was pretty clear the intent was going to be for everyone to spam mythic+ dungeons. Of course everyone was saying, “Just get prepatch gear” as though this was going to be a long-term solution.

I just figured that this was going to be how gearing would work in Shadowlands.

My wife and I (both Vethyr, Renown 12) went and did a world quest in Revendreth for a 168 ring. We both got 155 rings. We wouldn’t have done the quest for 155 rings.
We then tried other quests for gear in Revendreth and other zones… same thing kept happening.
There is something broken plain and simple.

Ya know, with how big a time waster things are in this expansion (the Maw is so bad I wont even do it beyond the story progressing stuff) this really seems suspiciously like purposefully tricking us into wasting our time. There is no way this bug should have made it to launch, let along 3 or 4 weeks after. My sub runs out in 7 days and I am seriously considering just going back to FF14 as it actually values my time.

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Been playing my alt through Bastion, starting at 103 Level. Not one gear drop has been higher that 96. This is getting stupid. If my level is 103 then at least gear drops should be 105 or better. I feel like a moron for playing a game that gives me lower gear than I have. What good is it to play through a full zone and not get any usable gear? Stupid

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Are you talking about green gear drops or quest rewards? Drops aren’t typically going to be an upgrade for you unless you are doing dungeons since those progressively scale with your level. Quest rewards should definitely follow the same algorithm IMO otherwise what is the point in doing them at all? Storyline is all fine and good for doing it the first time around, but afterward it becomes monotonous.

If Threads of Fate wasn’t such a horrible alternative, more people would take that route and skip doing the zone quests altogether, but as it stands right now, doing the story quests should award appropriate gear upgrades since that is our best viable option

Mortis, if you’re talking to me, I only play PVE solo. It’s the best I can do because of my health condition. I just want to follow the story line and get decent gear. I don’t expect to get the kind of gear that drops from Raids! Just give a decent reward for trying. Know what I mean?


We are specifically talking about WQ rewards. But I’m having the same issue with getting ZERO Calling rewards that are upgrades either.

EDIT - In fact, I have not gotten a single reward above 148 since hitting 60 except for the 207 bracers I got off last week’s world boss.

I was replying to Junqy with regard to his comment, but yeah the whole WQ scaling issue definitely needs to be looked into and fixed as well

Yes, WQ rewards. That and the Story Line quests. That’s all I play.

Yeah I was speaking to you specifically about your previous post. You mentioned drops so I thought you meant like world drops off of killing mobs rather than the actual quest rewards, but IMO the rewards should scale up accordingly as you go rather than being a set item level because eventually you will hit a point where nothing you get will be an upgrade outside of 5 mans

Yes, I know. Same thing in BFA.

I have seen this happen in BfA as well.

well they either did a hotfix or I hit a sweet spot flying because now the WQ’s didnt change levels when I flew into the zone. So buggy, so so buggy.

An example, just now:

The WQ “A Steward for Every Occasion” in Bastion offers me the trinket “Misfiring Centurion Controller” as a reward. When I first logged on, in Revendreth, it was displayed as level 164 in the tooltip on the map. I hearthed to Oribos and it still showed as 164. I hopped on a mount to Bastion, enetered Bastion airspace and it still showed as 164. But pretty much the second I reached land (but still flying) it switched to showing it as level 151.

Other item rewards, from WQs in other zones, appear to have dropped ilevel around the same time.

What’s your item level?

Guessing you need to be 171.6 or something silly like that to see the “updated” wq rewards. Reminds me of bfa emissary caches.

My issue isn’t that the item rewards aren’t high enough, it’s that their levels change from first viewing to when you get to the zone.

There seem to be two different complaints being discussed in this thread:
(i) That the advertised ilevels of rewards change when you zone in. This is what the OP posted about.
(ii) That the reward levels are too low to be worthwhile for your current ilevel. This wasn’t what the OP referred to but has become a common complaint here.