WQ rewards changed when flying into zone?

Same here, exactly.

Doesn’t change with or without addons.

Interesting, I may try that. But one WQ tonight offered a 148 level item, and gave me that, so it seems it may be not in the add-on.

Don’t think Blizzard said anything about the threshold needed for emissary cache azerite upgrades all 2 years of BFA. Wouldn’t expect them to say anything about this either.

That was pretty easy to figure out. This is much buggier.

I have two characters with the same renown, same covenant and same item level, both with the same lowest and highest level items.

One has seen no change in WQ rewards from fresh 60 (148 rewards) to renown 12 / ilevel 161. The other has seen them increase consistently with better gear.

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Not actually true. Mine have mostly been in the 168-174 range since i got it

It working for you does not mean it isn’t broken. The bug report forum, in game chat, and this forum is full of examples of it not working.

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My brother was just talking about this happening to him.

I guess their WQ loot system was too complex for the code to keep up with or something…

I have never went into the bug report forums, so i wouldn’t know. Just going off of my exp

How many times before players get it… Ion is a mythic raider, that is all the dev team focus on, everything else is tacked riddle with bugs, feedback ignored or just not tested.

Table missions, world quests, pugs, casual players all are an afterthought that they will get around too “whenever”.

Cant wait for Ghostcrawlers new MMO to give wow some much needed competition and pressure to improve rather than fleece customers with watered down time gated junk.

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But mine haven’t.

What you’re seeing is clearly the way it’s MEANT to work, but the fact is, it’s not working at all for a lot of people. The “upgrade” for me had literally zero effect.

Which covenant are you with, by the way? There’s a theory that the problem might be covenant-specific, though the more I hear about the problem the more I wonder if it’s just either random, or bugged because of some other thing.

I’m using the Kyrian covenant. Im not sure if it’s covenant based or not

So far (and this is only anecdotal!) I’ve noticed that people complaining about this happening have seemed to be mostly Night Fae, with a splash of Venthyr.

I’m Night Fae, so it may be just confirmation bias and the real reason for the bug might just be that the code depends on a quest being completed that I haven’t done or something like that.

Hopefully enough people will make noise about this that Blizzard looks into it. I’m guessing since it’s not raiding or Mythic+ we’ll need to make a lot more noise than usual :wink:

My kyrian alt is ilevel 177 and has some 171-174 WQs up today. But also had a 164 quest that expired a few hours ago.

So far the bulk of reports I’m seeing about this bug appear to be Night Fae, with some Venthyr mixed in.

But the way this is meant to work isn’t tied to player item level. That was the whole selling point of what was effectively a nerf to the Legion/BfA system - you’d get your upgrades when you increased your covenant level.

I seriously doubt it’s intended to get your ilvl above the world quest rewards’ ilvls before you see them.

Gonna take a lot of work in order to make blizz look into. And when they do, who knows how long it’ll take for them to fix it

I’ve seen this at least three times now. The WQ rewards were shown as 160+ level items when checking the map, but when I got close they had dropped about 10 levels! The first time I thought I’d misread but now I’m certain. I’m in Venthyr covenant.

I’m Venthyr, renown 12. Upon completing 3 world quests yesterday that stated I would receive ilvl 171 rewards (my ilvl is 171), I ended up receiving ilvl 158. Something’s wonky.

My other character is Renown 11 and has had a few WQs with ilevel 148 gear up for a few days. I was holding off on them trying to see if/when they would scale up. No luck. Finally went and did them last night, and when I flew into Revendrath they all suddenly changed to ilevel 155. I got the drop from the WQ there and it was 155, but when I flew back to Maldraxxus the remaining WQs suddenly listed at 148 again and the gear they dropped was 148.

Just experienced this issue. Was in Ardenweald and looked at my map for WQs. Shows two in Bastion with rewards or 171 items, I fly into the zone and it changed to 158. Put in a bug report. More bugs in Buggy xpac.