WQ rewards changed when flying into zone?

I flew to Revendreth today to get an upgraded Potency condiut (ilvl 171) and ring (ilvl 171) but when I zoned in the potency conduit reward changed to gold and the ring changed to ilvl 168.

Pretty frustrated right now at the wasted time.


I’m venthyr and just picked up the expansion this week. Imagine how EXCEPTIONALLY p***** I was when I look at my map and had a Revendreth WQ for a 155 ring (a big upgrade) and when I completed it got 148 ( lower than the crafted ones I have)…
Seriously something screwed up with WQ reward scaling.


Yep, and the covenant Renown 10 world quest item level upgrade is flat-out broken and has absolutely no effect on the world quest rewards at all.

Someone in another thread claimed that you need to be an average ilvl 180 before you see ilvl 171 world quest rewards, which is either a sign of a very obvious bug, or an example of dumb game design that’d be in the running for dumbest of the year.

I suspect their “clever” systems as far as world quest ilvl scaling go are completely broken right now.


Yeah I am at 156 ilvl currently and haven’t seen anything over 148 for WQ rewards except for that ring that said it would be 155, and turned out to be… 148.


WQ gear rewards scale with your Covenant Reknown level. WQ rewards were decent alternatives to gearing up alts in BFA. Now? Not so much

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i mean im only 170 ilvl and my wq rewards at renown 11 are max 158 for gear, as low as 145 for conduits

i’ll just add as an edit - im not necessarily fussed if they do upgrade again later thats fine i’m pretty much at the point where i want to start doing mythic 0’s anyway for my power progression

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I have an ilvl of 172 and I see ilvl 174 items.

Now, frankly not at all, and in terms on non-instanced content, WQ, and maybe the gated covenant quest rewards are the only way to get drops.


161 here, and I’ve seen nothing but 148-151 before and after renown 10


That’s the point though - they’re not scaling. Before and after the first covenant Renown upgrade to world quest item level (it specifically says in the game UI that your WQ rewards will be at a higher item level) the ilvl of all WQ rewards has stayed exactly the same, with most at 148 and rarely at 151. I’m at 159 average and that hasn’t changed, meanwhile my covenant is handing me 171 gear.

The question is whether this is a bug, or deliberately designed uselessness?

There was a theory posited in a thread yesterday that it could be particular covenants that have bugged Renown 10 WQ upgrades.

I’m Night Fae, fwiw.

i can confirm this thing with shown wq rewards not being the rewards given though as i just tested it myself. Nearly 20 ilvl difference in on the map vs actual given reward.


I’m hoping it is, indeed, a bug and not a feature.

(Night Fae)

My experience was that at 173 I can see some WQs say they reward 171 and others say 164 or 158. Each has given me the reward it says. Certainly sounds like that’s not the case for people whose character is at a lower item level and that something’s broken (e.g., toon ilvl is 160, shows 171 reward, actual reward is < 171).

I haven’t seen it, but for those that have, submit a bug report that says “WQ [insert name] showed 171 item level on the map, but when completed only gave [insert received item level].”

They really do look at trending bug reports (not so much one-off reports it seems or General Discussion, although you could try the Bug Report forum instead of GD).

Edit: I’ve seen that on my Ally Pally Kyrian and Horde Pally Venthyr, both over 171 ilvl toons when they reached Renown 10.

nope the highest i see is still 158 after renown 10… been that way since tuesday… so it seems the wq upgrade is broken.

There is a thread about this on the bug report forums, but people can’t decide if ilvl makes a difference or not, and so far, no response from Blizz about it.

I’m unable to find a source for it, but I’m certain it was clearly stated that ilvl wouldn’t be the decider of world quest rewards this time, only covenant renown level.

It’s more that “was seeing WQ rewards at 148 ilvl before hitting Renown 10 and gaining the WQ ilvl upgrade, after which no WQ ilvls upgraded at all”.

it’s a report forum, not a discussion forum.
they don’t generally respond to posts.

My druid is sitting at 161 ilevel, all items above 148, renown 12… And has not seen any change to world quest rewards. They’ve been stuck at 148 since she hit 60 two weeks ago.


I haven’t seen any WQ upgrades or gear on par with 173. Maybe 158 best

Renown 11.

I was wondering if it’s my WQ tracking addon that’s not caught up on their end or something (I update addons every day) and doing the “false advertising” for the rewards or not.

Haven’t disabled it to compare the difference, so I’m not 100% sure.