Wowhead Amirdrassil Preview 10.2.5

Wowhead has a preview of what is currently on the PRT in regards to Amirdrassil.
Note: Amirdrassil is still a work in progress on the PTR.

  • Bel’ameth (the former Central Encampent) has been converted into a proper Night Elf hub.
  • Bel’ameth has portals to Stormwind, Darkshore, Mount Hyjal and Val’sharah.
  • Arlithrien Lodge, in the northwest portion of Amirdrassil, is dedicated to the Sentinels. Both huntresses and wardens can be seen training at lodge.
  • Twilight Watchtower, in the northern portion of Amirdrassil, is a place for night elven Death Knights, Demon Hunters, Darkfallen, and Shen’dralar.
  • The Evenfall Watchtower and the Bel’ameth Harbor are in the northeastern portion of Amirdrassil. It currently has a portal to Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas.

The following NPCs have new models:

  • Archmage Mordent Evenshade
  • Broll Bearmantle
  • Jarod Shadowsong

Jarod getting a glowup was in my wishlist (I even mentioned here somewhere) But I didnt actually think this would happen.

This is some good stuff honestly, I am very happy with how this zone is shaping up


I like that they found space to give DHs and DKs a little bit of love.


It makes me so happy seeing some of those classic night elf buildings from vanilla in HD. It all looks so good. And my god Jarod’s glow up is fantastic. It really suits him.


Anyone who sees this and still says the Night Elves are abandoning Kalimdor is delusional


Will there be a mage portal to this lovely new Alliance city? Sounds like a pretty useful little hub with fast access to Feralas.

The portals to Kalimdor with visitors from those zones are actually relieving to see!

I’m glad they added those


I really hope Broll, Mordent, and Jarod having new outfits means roles for them in the future. Mordent especially, I’ve always had an odd affinity for him despite him never doing anything.


It’s nice seeing my boy Broll back with updated armor. Loved having him as a companion during legion.

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It is super small on the scale of things, so dont treat this as complaining, but since they are showing more DHs, DKs, even warlocks in the city, It would be nice to have one or two Night elf monk NPCs, like, is not super necessary, they dont show every class specifically, But it would be a nice flavor to have a monk meditating or training.


A few NPCs I recognize who wowhead hasn’t pointed out (no new models though). Everyone is just named Unknown so there may be some other preexisting people here that I just don’t recognize.

At Tyrande’s area:
*Skylord Omnuron (leader of the Druids of the Talon)
*Lyessa Bloomwatcher (lady from the Resto Druid artifact quest)

Behind Tyrande’s area:
*Thisalee Crow

Druid area:
*Rensar Greathoof (mission board guy from Druid order hall)

*Talar Oaktalon (ship captain from Genn’s online short story from years ago)
*Taldar Windsinger (captain of the boat between Rut’theran and Darkshore)

DK/DH/Dark Ranger area:
*Altruis the Sufferer

I also think all of the trainers/innkeepers/vendors are the same ones from Darnassus but I’m not going to look up every single one.

It’s a very nice zone and I’m glad they’re finally making use of those HD nelf buildings, but it still shouldn’t be on the Dragon Isles.


Stormwind has a portal to it in the portal room at least.

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I guess night elves are surprisingly tolerant of people who side with genocide as long as it’s still their own race doing it to themselves.


Ahhh, it looks SO good! All the NPC glow-ups are a great touch. I like how they added the visitors, it definitely gives a more ‘lived-in’ vibe for the area. Excited to see it in-game!

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I mean if Delaryn is any example they’ll happily join the people who genocided them.

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There shouldn’t really be any surprise there because since day 1 Tyrande and Maiev were telling the Undead NE to come back home.
Now we know many accepted the offer. At the very least Blizzard bulletproofed themselves with the “recently risen undead are in a frenzy and don’t know what they are doing” card.
Also by now that’s not a big deal because Tyrande accepted DKs, Mages, DHs and even allows the traitor Daelas to be with them.


The problem is that they rejected that offer and stood with the horde for a while afterward. And with the change in the 8.1 questline to have most bodies reject it, we also know they chose it. They’re traitors.

It’s not that I think them staying with the horde is good, but being allowed back still looks hella awful to me.


Not ideal but I’m just going to take a really deep breath and attribute all this to them taking longer for their minds to adjust and now that the regained their normal self back are finally able to return.
At least they have that excuse of a frenzy state and a fragmented mind or w/e as an excuse unlike Moonfang who straight up said The Sisterhood of Elune is inferior compared to Human Paladins.


Have you ever heard the tragedy of Delas Moonfang?

  • Delas Moonfang was Paladin so powerful that he could even influence the priesthood of elune to turn to the holy light!
    Ironic He could save others from death but not himself!
    -is it possible to learn that power?
  • Not from a Night Elf!

Jokes aside delas moonfang is to you what illidan is to Thadeus i suspect.

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Well, I guess that firmly puts Valsharah as a Night Elf zone and Alliance content, if there was any doubt.

It would be interesting to see Azsuna and The Court of Farondis represented.

It’s good to see them all together. Makes me wonder how many, if any, of the risen kaldorei stayed with the Forsaken.

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