WoW2 or Blizzard is Done

I don’t get you Blizzard, you could make billions and you don’t even have to create original content. You could just copy and paste classic and tbc classic to a new engine.

Can you guys imagine Azeroth with Overwatch graphics?


it would take alot of time and effort on their part. If they were to do a WoW 2, they would have to re-create the game and content, possibly look into introducing something new as well. Otherwise what’s the point of them making a new game if they can keep us subscribing for $15/month to play old games they re-released from 15+ years ago.

WoW Classic and TBC Classic proves 2 things really:

  1. The game was initially well thought of and designed, especially for its time
  2. Blizzard can keep us paying for old games by re-releasing them with minor tweeks and graphical updates.

We have to remember that the company now is different then what we had back when WoW was first released. The main focus is no longer about making a good game. The main focus now is how they can get the most money out of us while putting in the least amount of work on the game. Nothing more lazy then re-releasing old games and charging for it.


Yea, we can hear people complain about stuff in 4k now.


How much sleep did you lose thinking this up?


That is exactly what they did



If they ever did a WoW 2 it would more than likely double down on everything people here don’t like about retail, not attempt to be another iteration of Classic WoW.


Vulpera death knights!

Yea I am confused too. Wow classics has an updated engine.

He also doesn’t seem to get how good wows graphics are at being timeless. By staying stylized, they never age. People never come back and go “wow this games ugly af” cause they were never spoiled by insane high res textures to begin with. Wows stylized graphics are a point in it’s favor imo.


I’d rather they create a new game rather than just remake the same one with a shinier model

I’d play the hell out of World (Universe?) of Starcraft


Can you imagine azshara actually being completed? And azshara battleground as it was supposed to have one? Plus so many other things they never finished into a new classic wow 2 version.
Finish corrupted ashbringer quest and so much more!

I know this is bait. . But, it is.


I don’t care if you like retail or BFA or SL but one just needs to log in and look at the work that went into the texture design and lighting and texture res. It’s wonderful looking.

Trolling motor is running out of gas

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I’d keep the graphics, and update content. Finish content, etc. Give gear mods so ur not looking like a rainbow. Let you itemize gear better to a small extent. It really could be cool. The old pixelated look is timeless.

If the current Dev leadership team did a WoW2 they’d nuke all content except raids and dungeons. Kind of a WoW version of World of Tanks.

World of Raids.


I always wanted a deep, rich single player experience in the warcraft universe. Like a skyrim. It could be set during the first or second war.

Nah. WoW2 on the unreal engine. Omg those graphics would be insane. Raids would fry computers lol.

This is bait, right?

The OP should change his name to Thebaitmann.

Why dont you do it if it’s so easy

World of Warcraft 40k !

I mean it worked once cribbing from warhammer, why not give it a second try?