WoW Trader Post Intro Currency

No ETA, they’re only able to fix it when they fix it. They can’t give a general idea as things could change at any moment to take longer or shorter.

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do you think they could update the known issues post to show that they are aware and working on whatever this issue is? I get that CS can’t do anything directly to help, but good lord it feels awful to see no update or acknowledgment in known issues thread about the issues of people not being able to loot the traveler’s tender at all after completing the quest.

i completed the 50 quests. there was a bug too. it didn’t give me the 200 travel points. there is an error for that.

You need to file a bug report.

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i will. they made a mistake.

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Is this the same issue that was happening in the EU that caused the mainteneces If so why is TP still open when it was shut down for that? Just curious.

No. It was shut down for EU because they had not yet developed and implemented a patch for that particular issue at the time. We were able to do that during NA’s maintenance, which allowed us to resolve the issue prior to realms coming back up here.

The issues currently being experienced, the mount not showing up immediately for some, the Trader’s Tenders not always adding to your total, the visual loss of progress on the Traveler’s Log, etc… those are other issues that didn’t really have anything to do with that.


The ‘tender’ was also reset today somehow. I had to redo the /love to the 4 at the trading post, and also had to re-purchase the cake and pie at the darkmoon faire a second time, just so the tracking would give me the points towards the mount. Even the 50 items caught fishing in the dragon isles, but at least all I had to do was cast once, and that one updated.

An update, this issue has still not been resolved for players in this position.

You need to file a Bug Report. There is nothing Customer Support can do to help with this.


Most of us have put in a bug report, there’s been no actual acknowledgement of this specific issue as being worked on so…

There is a blue post in this very thread saying there working on it the bug forums are a one way street u wont get a blue post unless they need more info.


Which one? The mount - acknowledged. Missing progress - acknowledged.

So which specific issue are you referring? The one this thread was created about was acknowledged.


Specifically not being able to loot the tender AT ALL after completing the quest, which is what this thread was made about.

The acknowledgement you wanted is in this thread.


that’s a general catch all bud. I’m looking for a direct response about the specific issue people are having, not the first post that I’ve obviously seen. thanks

Honestly thats as good as your gona get.

It’s general because it applies to all the issues with the Trading Post, not just your specific issue. A specific acknowledgement of each individual issue is unlikely to happen.


I’ve covered it, it’s been quoted several times and at this point all this back and forth is getting a bit ridiculous.

I understand that you are looking for a specific set of words that will satisfy you, possibly taking out the frustration you are experiencing in that demand, but I’m not going to go over each and every possible permutation of the various issues that folks may be experiencing with receiving their Traders Tenders.

We’re aware that folks may not always receive their Tenders, it is being worked on.