WoW Retail Lore is completely ruined and ANY new xpac is a waste of time/money

EVERYTHING blizzard does for their next 3 announced xpac to retail is a total waste of time because the lore is absolutely ruined. Even if they made the BEST xpac ever, best gameplay, raids, classes, etc, the lore would always be trash because it has already been ruined beyond repair. The lore has been ruined to the point it is irrecoverable mostly by extreme pandering to Alliance.

  1. Thrall should probably have never stopped being Warchief for made up reasons by blizzard. And if he did Garrosh should never have gone ‘bad’ and been used as content for Alliance players.

  2. They should have NOT done essentially the exact same thing with Sylvanas and replaced her with nobodies.

  3. The trends of ‘councils’/committee leadership on the Horde is pathetic; it is either lead by a Warchief or stop just calling it the Horde Blizzard because you aren’t fooling anyone.

  4. Void elves are the most offensive thing ever and should not exist. Biggest pandering move in the history of WoW and its disgusting.

  5. Vulpera are gross. Pathetic attempt to compete with Final Fantasy.

  6. Stormgarde should not have been ‘revived’ for no reason when Gilneas & Kul Tiras already were brought ‘back’ so to speak.

It’s not World of Warcraft anymore. It just World of Alliance Simping/Pandering now and there is no fixing it anymore.

Classic+ should be an opportunity to essentially undo all that garbage lore and restart from before it all began to be ruined as early as WotLK when Varian the copy cat character was brought to the fore.


You’re welcome to your opinion, but the “classic+ lore reset” idea was always stupid and is obviously not going to happen. The very idea is ridiculous.

My advice would be to cancel your account and invest your time and energy into something that makes you less miserable! :slight_smile:


but the “classic+ lore reset” idea was always stupid and is obviously not going to happen. The very idea is ridiculous.

Frankly you sound like you’re desperately trying to convince yourself.

They used to say Classic servers would never happen. Then they said Classic+ wouldn’t happen when SoD is basically the Beta for it. Blizzard see the writing on the wall now. Retail is dead and Classic+ is the future and the lore not being trash is key to that.

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You do understand that Classic is a literal copy of retail right? With some GAMEPLAY changes? I think your confused on what classic actually is friend

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The only thing I agree with is they shouldn’t have replaced Sylvanas and Nathanos with Calia and Derek. The rest belongs in a trade chat on some low pop server.


Why would Classic+ go with different lore when that would take even more work than they’re already giving themselves? If anything, I imagine they’d follow the same story and only try to flesh out in-between bits, if they add anything at all to it.


You have it backwards, retail is the trashcopy of classic with 10+ years of TERRIBLE lore ruining decisions and game ruining ones that made it feel more like a lobby and que simulator than a living breathing MMO.

Retail has been failing and living on the legacy of Vanilla/Classic success and WoW is still even talked about at all really only because of Classic. In fact Classic launch was the biggest video gaming phenomenon WoW has been since original Wotlk 14 years ago and WoW hardcore has been way more notable than Dragonflight. Hardcore gets streamed like 4 times more than Dragonflight and has brought so much more attention to the game.

Retail is garbage even though its so old and the lore not being absolute trash is a massive part of that. Actually a world worth exploring unlike World of Alliance Simping that is retail.

Half the legacy servers are dead, but I suppose nothing can stop you from thinking it’s doing better than Retail. Have fun though, that’s all that matters in the end :blush:


im sensing some negativity in the dojo


Half the legacy servers are dead bud

Literally every retail server is dead lol. Have you actually seen the numbers and done them yourself?

Raid logs show Classic Era servers have almost double the raiding population. Retail population basically just sits in que and barely players the game. Watching stream they are in que for freaking 15+ minutes all the time in retail lol. Dead game.

Yeah, you’re clearly confusing it for another game. Retail servers, especially the popular ones like Moonguard are very much active with people

What is this nonsense?

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ones like Moonguard

LOL. Isn’t that the erotic RP server? Figures that would be the LAST retail server to totally die lol.

Good joke. 10/10!

While Blizzard might someday reset Warcraft lore(ahem they have an easy out with Time magic) potentially for WoW 2 or whatever, they are NOT doing it for at least the next 3 expansions.

And considering Blizzard seems intent on keeping WoW going for the next decade or so dont hold your breath. If anything based on Metzen’s comment Warcraft as a series has a bigger change of simply getting a definitive ending then getting a reboot.

A Classic+ would still have the same writers we have now and therefore have the same problems it has now. Or at least different but equal problems.


If Gelbin and Moira can become kings and queens from their councils, maybe the horde still has the time to choose someone? :mag::robot:

There’s was a funny development on those two races (and the kul’tirans) as the void elves used to be written to learn void magic to protect the blood elves and silvermoon (changed to supporting the alliance) and the gilgoblins were introduced and seen around durotar during the same patch we meet mechagnomes but were scrapped for vulpera. :memo::robot:

and the kul’tirans weren’t planned to become playable until community outcry. :robot::ear:

It was a cool concept for warfronts revisiting a legendary location although it had nothing to do with the frostwolves so if the horde loses it, they still have hammerfall and nothing changes. :world_map::robot:

one of the 5 people that actually play classic finally showed up


and just like that you can no longer be taken seriously, not that you could have anyway but there it is



Lol, reality check, Classic is carrying Blizzard on its back. Classic Hardcore Makgora tournament was the most watched live wow event in history and Classic is the only thing keeping wow relevant as most streamers stream Classic over Retail. Classic also has like double the raiding population per logs. GG.

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If the Alliance have it so good, why not play Alliance?