Wow numbers leaked

(Reptîle) #1

Blizzard numbers on active players leaked last week. World wide has less than 2 mill total. True, or not that’s a huge drop, especially with all the problems blizzard is having including their stocks dropping by half in less than 6 months with no signs of gainng ground. If this continues, its likely Activision will buy them out, turn wow from a subscription, and make you use a credit card to do top raids, and or buy gear.

Pay to win

(Lathander) #2

Ugh that was debunked.

(Daiklave) #3

Not worldwide, just between the US, Europe, Korea, and Japan.

We don’t know what the figures are in China or if the present kerfluffle has any effect on the numbers.

(Reptîle) #4

Wasnt debunked, just was leaked

(Bearcatbull) #5

Currently Zero in China. China put a stop on Blizzard games just a bit ago. They are on hold until more changes are done for censorship.


I believe that 2 million number. It’s probably less as we speak. The thing is, there’s no real numbers that have been presented that argue against it.

If Blizzard would present the numbers it would clear things up. But we know that won’t happen because they hide the numbers to safeguard themselves.

Truth hurts, I don’t blame them.

(Kozzae) #7

So what you’re saying is that the numbers are up over the last “leaked” information?

(Reptîle) #8

Isn’t blizzard banned in china…I thought blizzard was banned in china

(Marthul) #9

I feel like it doesn’t matter if it’s not true.


These forums offer a different kind of comedy.


Does this mean healers will have their rez skill removed and we will all have to start buying “the scroll of self-rez” from the ingame store to do dungeons and raids? I certainly hope this is not the case.

(Bearcatbull) #12

Well since BFA has only sold 3.7 million copies world wide. I would say those numbers of two million or less still subscribed have a chance to be accurate.


You stay away from da voodoo, broda.

There be 'nough Trolls with the Zandalari 'round.

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(Marthul) #15

Hey guys I just found out I’m the only one subbed to WoW.

True or not that’s a big drop.

(Valora) #16

Most games would kill for 2 million players. 99.99 percent of them. And this game is 14 years old. Give me a break people. This isn’t Ready Player One.


I’m also subbed to WOW. Debunked.




(Marthul) #19

Hey guys I just heard the wow sub count doubled.

True or not that’s a massive spike.

(Daiklave) #20

I don’t know the reference. I don’t revel in crappy media.